Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just a thought.

Last night, I was at someone's house up the road from mine watching the view of the city, the Centrepoint Tower being my main focus, I commented on how I've always been amazed how a suburb so west of the Sydney CBD, can still have a clear view of the figure.

So, today I'm walking from the University of Sydney to roam the city for an hour or two and I suddenly find myself basically in front of the famous landmark we had been observing the night before from a far. Let's face it, I was stunned. Sure, I've been in the Tower before, but it's quite mind boggling to think about something I could see from my area is so dominant that it takes a thirty-five minute train ride effort to stand in front of the beast.

Then, this sprouted another point, something irrelevant but a good way of explaining some of my friendships I have with people, using this as an analogy. For example, I have a friend, we will call her Ash. A few years back, Ash was going out with a guy from my school and for over a year I heard her name time and time again. I soon discovered that the picture I had drawn in my head that was her was the complete opposite. At this point in time, Ash was just another girl to me, someone who would walk in and then walk out, as most do.

In present time, I find myself in constant contact with her, previously in lust with her. Between this and concrete giants you can see no matter where you go, it shows us a point of view that if you travel far enough, you discover things, you find whatever it is you're looking for, perhaps naturally or intentionally.
Just thought I'd get that out there.