Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Love Lust

I love the excitement, I love the suspense, I love beginnings. If I could have it my way, I would trade all my hate and jealousy in for a life of lust; not love, just lust. Lust is defined as a strong desire, in this case, a desire for another being. There is never anything better than that pre game of wondering if they feel the same or waking up in the morning with a face on your mind. This all may sound lame but so be it, the feeling is a discovery of something that was much better than what was previously lusted for.

Let me tell you why I love to lust:
Lust is a time where you find yourself trying to make impressions.
Lust is a time of wondering, progressing and waiting.
Lust is a time of making time for a person.
Lust is letting all your closest friends know.
Lust is living in front of there MySpace or watching every video on there YouTube channel.
Lust is putting on expensive aftershave.
Lust is staring at the ceiling.
Lust is admiring.
Lust is smiling when they smile.
Lust is looking into there eyes.
Lust is hugging them tightly, but touching them oh so gently.

To lust is to adore something beautiful,
through the eyes of you.
Gee, I love lust.

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