Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fake the Funk

Give me something; I'll even settle for anything that resembles a microcosm of thought that will help me sleep and wake up tomorrow in a world which still holds potential of a freshly devised sentiment. The fable of Adam and Eve never spoke of reprising the thoughts of others or the latest gadget on the market; this universe is not a possession, it's one gigantic learning environment, use it.

One thing I have learnt since living in the midst of this millennium's youth is the oblivion to all things real and obvious, basically; these kids all go to school to learn, go out and learn something, not in the classroom, but it'd be a good start for the mass majority of my doomed generation.

You want a life lesson? Leave your MySpace for just a few hours and begin thinking for yourself by identifying everyone and everything surrounding you. We have library's of books, a cyberspace of words and a classroom that is the world, now with that being said I will leave you with this, ash your cigarette and pocket your eye-liner and learn something about it,
you fuck wit.

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