Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hating What I Love

They’re the ones you hate, yet the ones you love behind the white doors that separate your peaceful sanctuary from the rest of your angry world. It’s that face you forget, but the sight of it that discloses that lingering trickle of emotional release of what we fear to call crying.

Are you sure you want to delete your account? Are you sure you want to cut our cord?
Our only connection, no matter how petty, erased in only a matter of seconds. There hand, the murderer; there browser, the tool; and anything left of us, the corpse lying between our stance.

Every time my love has gone unnoticed; my presence simply unappreciated has lead me to this, the epiphany of the week, the revelation of my loving strength of hate for them.

Although, the question still remains;
why do I go on feeling what I feel, after they have only left my heart so broken?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Global Warming

Pictures like that are quite striking to the eye (and heart), but we need to face reality, the damage has been done. We can only delay the peak of Global Warming, not prevent it. You will never be able to tell Ford to cease manufacturing vehicles and you'll never be able to tell a low-income family to purchase a hybrid one.

It's like smoking really; we can display advertisements where we know smokers will see them in the hope to stop them from lighting up, but I have never heard of it giving that reaction. We put these things here, and we better
soon start believing that those things are here to stay, because what we can do...is too little.

People can continue to publicise Global Warming's presence in our day-to-day lives, by opening up Green Parties within government, holding Live Earth concerts, music bands opening up the Music For Relief cause, and politicians continuing their false cries to a healthier global temperature, and majority of those should be honored for trying, but they can only do what they have the ability to, and that's why I simply am not too concerned with it. Our world will continue to be indifferent and differential on these views (as demonstrated in Australian news today here
), and maybe once in my lifetime I will own a hybrid car, I might buy a house built and furnished with environmentally-friendly materials, I may move to a country powered by nuclear energy, but l could never care, nor devote myself enough to make dramatic changes to my life in the name of a losing battle like Global Warming.
That's my two cents, anyway.