Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Can Hear You Screaming, But I Can’t See The Lips Moving.

It's eight degrees Celsius and it's freezing tonight. I am willing to bet that it's this winter's coldest, and I am also willing to bet that earlier tonight more than half of Sydney's shivering population switched on a heater of some sort. I couldn't imagine the amount of resources our power stations cut from the earth just in fueling a comfortable temperature for our quaint homes tonight. So, while the politicians dispute over the need for nuclear power and the protection of non-renewable resources and the environment, are they, and anybody else for that matter, doing anything about the issue at hand other than bitching about it?

You see it's funny, bitching is when you complain yet do nothing, and that appears to be all that's happening. Climate change, green, environment, hybrid, I hear these 'terms' day-in and day-out. You see, I hear you screaming, but I don't see the lips moving. Sure, things are being done, we have the Kyoto Protocol, Water Restrictions, Hybrid Vehicles, etc. but they're grade A sources of raw bullshit which let off fireworks distracting you from the big picture. The Kyoto Protocol, essentially an intelligent sounding word put on the end of a Japanese city, right? My point exactly, in order to know anything about the international agreement, excluding the fact that Howard refused to sign it and that Rudd can say it fifty times in one of his speeches, is to gather up the initiative to research it yourself, because from memory there were no explanations or bunch of words that helped share some
light on what our leader was signing, no publication on the television from the PM or at least something pointing us to a website, no way, just "Kevin'07: I will sign something you have no idea about...but it opposes Howard so how could it not be the right decision??". The candid truth is, ..Kyoto.. was never signed in the name of worldwide climate control, everyone just hated that bald idiot and if we didn't, Australia would be in the negative limelight because of it.....

Water Restrictions, I really can't bash them, having to put my life in danger while watering my front yard in the dark while some arsehole drives round with yellow stickers on his car so he can fine me has never really bothered me at all. Sure it sounds like a pretty realistic tactic, but a tactic is what it shall remain, never a solution, because honestly, how much of a significant difference has it made in the last two to three years? Appropriately enough, our Former Environment Minister once queried the sense in having Water Restrictions while there aren't restrictions for any other needs, like electricity.

Hybrid cars, I saw one for the first time the other day, ironically, being driven by one of the members of the Directorial staff of my TAFE, in other words, a rich suit, a government bureaucrat; what conclusions can you draw from this? Let's see, well not only do you need to be somehow associated with the men and women pushing this sort of thing, but you also need some loose change, the type of loose change that could sink a ship. Besides, car manufacturers may have had environmental intentions originally in mind when prototypes were made but don't let yourself be preempted from the fact that, being caught in a fuel crisis, this is the ideal time for companies like Toyota to throw a machine like this on the market. So, it's that whole, should I keep my bomb and eventually pay the price that it would cost for the Hybrid, or just buy the Hybrid and never have to worry again?

Well, that's my five cents anyway, I could go on further but I think I have said enough. It's just, nothing seems to be happening in the name of Mother Nature, and has it ever? Seems to me like it's only ever through the handshakes between politicians & corporations and Mother Fame & Fortune.

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