Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Naivety is Looked Upon

You read it and you heard it; you listened and by opening it, you acknowledged it, this is much like society when society looks upon naivety by enforcing it; now dance for me puppets, dance.

Censoring is a way of life, but censoring the under age is only putting generations at a disadvantage and sugar-coating the world of drugs and violence into a world that never has existed, and being realistic over optimistic, probably never will. Some parents create children that go from classroom to desk, breakfast to a car that by-passes reality to a selective school where the worst bullying that goes on is in a comparison of Math marks; sure, positively these kids will earn so much more than me in twenty years time, but once they hit eighteen, a hobby-less virgin, you are fucked now, kiddo! With no social skills in this world, you don't function, you don't say thank you asshole for this delicious Subway roll, you do not say to the hot girl on the table in front of you do you wanna catch a movie or somethin' (where we may make out, and I will waste a year of my life with you getting a life because I won't be wasting it at all), but this won't happen, you will go home, do the only thing your society-crazed-communists you called parents taught you how, and that is to study and advance further on a one-set journey where you will get a great job, be happy, meet someone exactly like you, you guys will hold hands in five years then screw in ten, and she'll pop them out immediately, and here is the fun part, he, now the Marx of learning nothing of the classroom he calls Earth of the Universe and everything of what he called the University of Sydney, and he carries his father, Mike Brady's, teachings right over to his son to begin this cycle over again.

Those African children on the commercial breaks that stare at the camera with those eyes guilting you out for cash may not have food, but they have knowledge; never will they have to worry about the percentage on an exam or there internet connection failing them, they know what it feels like to have there face in the earth's dirt, and they know where it is that dirt came from; the kids these days are raised to walk the paths and avoid the dirt that the black dude handed to us from the earth we don't know, for money that the parents who hid us from the earth pretty much gave us. The minute the world ceases to air shows that say fuck twice, shit three times and show a corner of a female nipple in the closing sequence right before Johnny gets his bed sheets coated in thick maroon after 9:30 in the evening and begin showing violence and foul language only minutes after Big Bird analyses the letter E for twenty minutes, will be a day that naivety is no longer sponsored by society. There was a time where TV aired what they wanted - when, but we have societrical terms now, such as, Prime time, Daytime, etc. that are the very enforcement that have made them listen, pigeon-hole and be backed up against a wall called the tool to carrying naivety onto our peers, this is why we look upon naivety, that's why society works, why we work for society, because that's all we are, we are vessels.

vessel a container of feelings, of liquid, a cup of coffee;
we are a not a cup, though, but an overflowing saucepan of disease, feeling, atmosphere and society's rules. If we weren't a vessel, a flu would not be something to blow your nose of, it would be something to call the ambulance for. We are simple carriers; ships steaming through a sea of rules and feelings that we follow and reflect on, the world will paradoxically implode without a society, but there are some black-lines and the sugar coating of the vast variety of lifestyles and their actions in our countries are something to be shared, not hidden, thus, the reason why naivety's stupid foundations should crumble along with the silly families who condone it.

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