Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nothing Less Than Brilliant

Love, you don't know if it's here to stay but you could never imagine it leaving, even though at times, you wish it just would. It place marks history, it makes you wonder, makes you smile, makes me happy.

With friends, it's a bunch of people that rack out amongst many more, the people you will race to when you are afraid or upset. Like heat on water, the ones that have spilled will eventually rise again, and if they don't, they won't be forgotten. The electricity and curious wonders will never die for either one of both the parties involved, forever making it strange but enough to make the urges comfortable and resistible. Your hugs will entail friendship only but will hold a footnote of unique attachment prolonging a tight, hugging grasp of the history that the love has forever been constructed on.

Dude or dudette; many months of closed mouths and shut eyes make those first few glances the absinthe to the loving soul. The bright smile and wide-eye-staring intoxicates the beautiful mind, extracting any spot of tension within my every limb, as if it were to imminently go out of fashion. But who would've known that time and a few simple dialing numbers would be the cause to the best of times…that are soon to come.

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