Friday, January 9, 2009

An Over-extending Extended Holiday

When you’ve spent the entire year counting down the days to several sets of many heart-wrenching questions, spending every night in somebody else’s bed or not in bed at all may feel a tad peculiar to most. A taxi here, a bus connection there, day-by-day your accounts drop by the hundreds, always using different shampoos, or staring into the mirror of a different atmosphere as you’re brushing your teeth; yeah, that’s pretty much the life.

Anyway, the question is, when you are taking the gap year that I am and your two month Christmas holidays are extended by another twelve, you can tend to feel pretty over-extended and sick of seeing, well, anyone, to be honest, that’s when the question arises, when does it end? When do I stop? I have no school to go back to, or university to begin attending, or some big job to start, as far as now is concerned, my circumstances will remain the same when some of my friends go to do their own HSC, or some others begin at Uni at the commencing days of this year, I will still be toasting waffles at the same work and spending my nights in places that aren’t my own, so, I stress again when does it stop? When do I start saving money instead of putting it into Taxis, or getting my priorities straight?
We will just have to see,
I suppose.

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