Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Selfish Oblivion

This picture was taken a few months ago at a quiet intersection around the corner from my home; one Ute, two sedans, around three o’clock in the afternoon. When three cars are involved in a serious accident where children coming home from school are bleeding from the head, one car is in somebody’s front yard and another is flipped in a quiet street limited to fifty kilometres an hour, there is a problem; when the obvious culprits escape injury, yet infants do not, we have a bigger problem, the entirety of this problem is an act of simple, yet selfish oblivion.

Don’t misunderstand me, this maybe the first time in which I have managed to snap a shot but this wouldn’t be the first time that this has happened at this particular spot, or the first time the care flight helicopter has had to make an emergency landing in this block of houses, not to mention the rest of this nation that are being victimised by the people who misuse our need for transportation, let’s look at fifteen year-old Lucy Lieberman for instance, who died last Saturday night when her brain-dead boyfriend wrapped there vehicle around a power pole, killing her and leaving her boyfriend to walk free. Let me just say one thing about that, what the fuck! How does this happen, or even the above, these people are stupid to think that even a microcosm of intelligence goes into dangerous driving; they are a disgrace to us as humans. Not to mention the disgusting manor, but what about the neanderthalic fraction of our population who walk into these dangerous situations at there own free will, such as Lucy and her friend, Ebony, who was also in the car with the couple, they too were as idiotic as the dip shit with his hands on the wheel, and look what Lucy’s selfish oblivion cost her, her life.

Sure, accidents could happen any day to any safe driver, but there is no way that things like the above can happen while all involved have followed the road rules. We have these people who can turn a simple vehicle of transportation into a weapon in ten seconds. Instead of being revved on, these imbeciles should be shunned upon society much like any murderer or paedophile is, because after all, as last weekend has demonstrated, they have killed people, some adults, and some children;
Grow the fuck up.

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