Friday, August 22, 2008

Someone Has A Brain

I walked into a petrol station bathroom today and realised that this world is not as doomed as I had originally thought it to be. This realisation was sparked when I spotted the several yellow syringe disposal units attached to the white, glazed wall of the seedy facility, it's the symbol that someone in this world is actually thinking for once and it tells us that there is a select group in the land of six billion minds that will prolong the well-being for humans everywhere. I agree, I'm a hater of drugs and they should be abolished, but let's get real and cut the shit, drugs are a flame that will never die and the more humans that use them, the more sticks that are thrown into the ever-growing flame. When fire fighters are battling a flame, there one and only objective is not to put out the fire, but to contain it and that is obviously how these thinkers are battling this flame. But please, do not miss the analogy of the flame, to clarify, it is not the drugs, it is Aids. The units on those walls are not to stop the stoners around the globe, nor encourage them, but to separate disease from the individuals that are not purposely putting themselves at this potential risk. It's to encourage drug abusers and users (diabetes, etc.) to allow their problem to remain their problem. Month by month, I read the stories of someone getting pinched by needles because an infant got curious around the play equipment or someone wanted to have a short walk along the beach as they get splashed across the scroll on my internet browser; that's an innocent life ruined, perhaps even one that might not have been properly lived yet. Aids can be the leader to a hard life or even the provocative for an ended one but the idea and creation of a small, plastic box can reduce statistical figures that endanger the health of others.
Now, that's a realistic solution.

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  1. That's also why they have safe shooting galleries. Even though they kind of freak me out, they are being realistic, and trying to contain the problem.

    I walk through a park each day to get to the train station to get to school. Sometimes I take a shortcut, and have to walk past one of those electronic public toilets. This toilet was so incredibly clean the first time it was put there, and now there is always vomit, syringes, cigarette butts, glass bottles etc. everywhere. It is disgusting.