Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Will Never Know

I live life to stare into your eyes; to randomly give you those hugs I give you; to give you piggy-back rides that make you laugh; to call you 'til we're too tired to even speak sense.

I love that little pony tail you have when you work; the way you scream when you are absolutely stoked; the way you worry about everything; how you are better than most.

I wake up in the morning happy knowing that I will be seeing you soon; ecstatic to be visiting you at work; hoping to bump into you somewhere; to see if my phone blinks blue with a message waiting from you.

I listen to your voice because you have something worth saying; to songs you tell me to download; to songs that put what I feel for you into rhyme; to just relax.

I go to work hoping you come in for free chocolate; to work an entire shift just to watch the windows for your beautiful face; to sleep at night just waiting for one more message.

I like you for the person you are;
I love you for the gold you hold in your heart.

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