Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Human Nature

Immortalising somebody into what they aren't is a naive practice and it's quite a simple task to deny participation in, I mean, some people turn infatuation into some messianic example to follow, take it from me, worship is for religion, let's leave it there, just don’t do it! I’ve been there, when your beliefs are like dust that can be taken in whichever direction the wind blows, it's time to start getting your priorities straight.

Trust me, there have been times where I have gone back on the words that I have spent so much time in preaching, but believe it or not, we have people who can't think for themselves in this world, some see and then replicate themselves into what they saw in somebody else, they see somebody drink, they drink, they see somebody wearing provocative clothing and they throw there entire wardrobe away; it's called following the crowd and it’s pathetic. Sure, we have all been guilty of this hypocrisy at one time or another, I'd hate to admit it but it's human nature, but I like to think that most of us have the initiative to know that if following a trend means a radical and, maybe even, potentially unhealthy shift in direction, that we will stop, or better yet, not even consider it in the first place.

As a person with so many views, it just annoys me to see people with morals of there own go to a place they'd always so strongly exhibited not going to; they are prime candidates of this idiot no-attention-span society we live in; I have said it before, some people just need to grow up.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Facts

William James Quinn,

Loves salt.
Pays no attention to no attention.
Scored a goal for the other team.
Thinks cycling is kool.
Wears the Max Brenner logo.
Loves his full name (as shown above).
Loves it when train-lights brownout.
Doesn’t go a day without listening to Linkin Park.
Finds Jon Bon Jovi hard to look at.
Has fast-growing hair.
Is a Leecher (torrent-wise).
Thinks that you are a moron if you get lost and have an internet-enabled phone.
Doesn’t need to know the language to know when he is being spoken about; blahblahblahryanblah.

Is a fussy-eater.
Likes to stay dry.
Is an early-adopter.
Has a tissue phobia.
Passively stresses out.
Has a fear of heights.
Microwaves his cereal.
Shaves after showering.
Takes ages to get ready.
Uses stimulants to study.
Has a hard-on for technology.
Thinks charcoal jeans are hot.
Is sceptical about most things.
Hates public swimming pools.
Forgets to brush his teeth at night.
Wears boxers and briefs…together.
Doesn’t eat the crunchy part of lettuce.
Is a poultrarian; has never eaten seafood.
Loses sleep when somebody is on his mind.
Needs a little sugar to help the medicine go down.
Can’t not style his hair; if he doesn’t, he covers it.
Is a fat person stuck inside a skinny person's body.
Looks twice at a girl with black-attire and dyed hair.
Never turns up to a friend’s house empty-handed.
Raps to Busta Rhymes while he shaves; just kidding.
Has two locations by default; in front of his computer or out.
Always waits for you to drive away before closing the front door.
Likes to accessorise; thinks clothes should only be a sum in the equation.
Hates the F11 key, because if he misses Backspace, F11 is what he hits.
Finds the first song in a film’s end credit’s depressing,
because it means the end of the movie.

Hates the use of the words cusp, faggot, debutant, loin, pussy, poo, bum & cunt.
Doesn’t agree with the word hanged.
Doesn’t like the name Brian, it’s my name ripped-off!
Hates the name Sheila.
Does not back the LOL Theory; that shit remains in the chatroom.
Spells cool as kool when something is awesome.
Hates the phrase Kodak Moment; when did we start branding events?
Wakes up, has a Sanitarium Moment, and then a Reece Moment, and then a Head & Shoulders Moment, followed by a Quiksilver Moment, and then, finally, a Globe Moment (lame!).

Took months on months gathering all of this.
Hopes you liked it =D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

In love, no longer in denial

The chore was ending something so long in the making, but it turns out that the salivary spit filled verbs and adjectives that had forever hanged from my lips have foiled me again now that they have fallen; it's funny that something I worked so hard toward getting rid of is something that I am going to need to work a double effort in order to get back...and oh so soon as well.
The essential part of this epiphany formatted conclusion was, Melbourne, the missing part of the equation. Most recently been there for almost a fortnight, and although still filled with much stress, it was a place away from home, a place to slam the brakes on the part of my brain that has always been inclined to think idealistically about the people that are and should always remain just friends, for this I dub my time in that great city the concluding chapter to my romantic venture, the silver bullet to that infinite number that have fallen victim to an act
in the name of my deficient romanticism; with the empiricalness of my two year pursuit of something that was right infront of me in mind, I finally know who's arms I should have been in all that time, who should have been on my mind the way that they are as I write this.
The depressing and resenting thing that juxtaposes the celebrating I should be doing right now, is the brick wall around this person that I will need to climb, that I intially built.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wanting What I Can't Have

A day with what you can't have will never amount to a day with what you do have. The heart always beats harder with something so far away than what's right infront.
I just guess, gently or not, you need to be let down to differentiate the ones that keep standing, because they are the ones that will keep you standing.
- Bega

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry O'clock

There are things that time is and there are things that time isn't, the ticking hands of the clock heals wounds, helps us forget and helps us move forward through that time, what those hands do not do is become a substitution for sincerity, they are not utilities to evade mention of past events, they do not speak, nor do they speak the words of an apology; so my question is, after plus years, why do people think everything is suddenly okay?

It just really makes me wonder what wavelength some of these idiots are on, what premature retarded birth of thought goes through there minds that gives them the audacity to misconceive a single civil act by the behesk of another as an act of sheer forgiveness.
I must explain, firstly, Alyssa. Early last year a mutual friend of ours held a birthday dinner in which we both attended. Going in I knew that I needed to contain myself in the name of preserving the dinner as a pleasant experience for our friend; greetings were had between the two of us, no comments were made, no problems were had. Once the dinner had ended, I found myself back home reading a brief message from Alyssa requesting to reboot our friendship after an extended period of separation; this did not sit well with me, so I politely declined. If you thought she hadn't gotten the picture yet, two more times had I checked my internet social sites with friend requests sent from 'Alyssa Fortini'.

Secondly, Marina. As opposed to Alyssa (well, sort of opposed), I really couldn't give two shits for Marina. After something ranging between six to twelve months of almost total silence I found to my surprise to be standing metres away from her watching Juke Kartel in my neck of the woods, this event was filled with strict ignorance, although, I knew the moment once they'd noticed me from the stupid and surprised looks they were trying to wipe from there despicable faces; once again, following this encounter, a friend request was waiting for me at home.

Either acts of total naivety or acts of seeking closure, who knows, but regardless, all acts have had two things in common, time has been a factor, yet an apology has not been. These two have somehow persuaded themselves into thinking that my choice to ignore the desire to jump up and down screaming and just leave the situation be means my forgiveness for the actions that have put them in this very situation, well let me just make one thing clear, time may sometimes heal but time is not a substitute for apology.

If you can't say sorry, then leave me the fuck alone.
- Ulladulla

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Writer's Block

Of late, I have dedicated most of my song-writing time to just writing blogs. With creating the new blog domain you are in now and having a recent raindrop of words fall close to my mind, I haven't had much time in the way of coming up with any rhymes that have been worth remaining outside the reciprocal of my bin, until today really.

The last song I wrote was submitted shortly before my exams last September, dubbed Rubik. In having a four month writing block of coming up with title-worthy lyrics and concurrently delving deeper and deeper into the blogosphere, my deviantART's Newest section has seen nothing but my desktop screenshots, as a result of this, a lack of traffic is now an issue, minor but still a problem. I really want to get back into it and begin juggling the blogs and lyrics equally again; song-writing is something I don't wish to steer away from.

So, in saying all of that, I just wanted to purely let you guys know that the songs exist and that they can be found here, and to expect a long-awaited submission within the next month, so keep a close eye.