Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Human Nature

Immortalising somebody into what they aren't is a naive practice and it's quite a simple task to deny participation in, I mean, some people turn infatuation into some messianic example to follow, take it from me, worship is for religion, let's leave it there, just don’t do it! I’ve been there, when your beliefs are like dust that can be taken in whichever direction the wind blows, it's time to start getting your priorities straight.

Trust me, there have been times where I have gone back on the words that I have spent so much time in preaching, but believe it or not, we have people who can't think for themselves in this world, some see and then replicate themselves into what they saw in somebody else, they see somebody drink, they drink, they see somebody wearing provocative clothing and they throw there entire wardrobe away; it's called following the crowd and it’s pathetic. Sure, we have all been guilty of this hypocrisy at one time or another, I'd hate to admit it but it's human nature, but I like to think that most of us have the initiative to know that if following a trend means a radical and, maybe even, potentially unhealthy shift in direction, that we will stop, or better yet, not even consider it in the first place.

As a person with so many views, it just annoys me to see people with morals of there own go to a place they'd always so strongly exhibited not going to; they are prime candidates of this idiot no-attention-span society we live in; I have said it before, some people just need to grow up.

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