Sunday, February 22, 2009

In love, no longer in denial

The chore was ending something so long in the making, but it turns out that the salivary spit filled verbs and adjectives that had forever hanged from my lips have foiled me again now that they have fallen; it's funny that something I worked so hard toward getting rid of is something that I am going to need to work a double effort in order to get back...and oh so soon as well.
The essential part of this epiphany formatted conclusion was, Melbourne, the missing part of the equation. Most recently been there for almost a fortnight, and although still filled with much stress, it was a place away from home, a place to slam the brakes on the part of my brain that has always been inclined to think idealistically about the people that are and should always remain just friends, for this I dub my time in that great city the concluding chapter to my romantic venture, the silver bullet to that infinite number that have fallen victim to an act
in the name of my deficient romanticism; with the empiricalness of my two year pursuit of something that was right infront of me in mind, I finally know who's arms I should have been in all that time, who should have been on my mind the way that they are as I write this.
The depressing and resenting thing that juxtaposes the celebrating I should be doing right now, is the brick wall around this person that I will need to climb, that I intially built.

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