Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Facts

William James Quinn,

Loves salt.
Pays no attention to no attention.
Scored a goal for the other team.
Thinks cycling is kool.
Wears the Max Brenner logo.
Loves his full name (as shown above).
Loves it when train-lights brownout.
Doesn’t go a day without listening to Linkin Park.
Finds Jon Bon Jovi hard to look at.
Has fast-growing hair.
Is a Leecher (torrent-wise).
Thinks that you are a moron if you get lost and have an internet-enabled phone.
Doesn’t need to know the language to know when he is being spoken about; blahblahblahryanblah.

Is a fussy-eater.
Likes to stay dry.
Is an early-adopter.
Has a tissue phobia.
Passively stresses out.
Has a fear of heights.
Microwaves his cereal.
Shaves after showering.
Takes ages to get ready.
Uses stimulants to study.
Has a hard-on for technology.
Thinks charcoal jeans are hot.
Is sceptical about most things.
Hates public swimming pools.
Forgets to brush his teeth at night.
Wears boxers and briefs…together.
Doesn’t eat the crunchy part of lettuce.
Is a poultrarian; has never eaten seafood.
Loses sleep when somebody is on his mind.
Needs a little sugar to help the medicine go down.
Can’t not style his hair; if he doesn’t, he covers it.
Is a fat person stuck inside a skinny person's body.
Looks twice at a girl with black-attire and dyed hair.
Never turns up to a friend’s house empty-handed.
Raps to Busta Rhymes while he shaves; just kidding.
Has two locations by default; in front of his computer or out.
Always waits for you to drive away before closing the front door.
Likes to accessorise; thinks clothes should only be a sum in the equation.
Hates the F11 key, because if he misses Backspace, F11 is what he hits.
Finds the first song in a film’s end credit’s depressing,
because it means the end of the movie.

Hates the use of the words cusp, faggot, debutant, loin, pussy, poo, bum & cunt.
Doesn’t agree with the word hanged.
Doesn’t like the name Brian, it’s my name ripped-off!
Hates the name Sheila.
Does not back the LOL Theory; that shit remains in the chatroom.
Spells cool as kool when something is awesome.
Hates the phrase Kodak Moment; when did we start branding events?
Wakes up, has a Sanitarium Moment, and then a Reece Moment, and then a Head & Shoulders Moment, followed by a Quiksilver Moment, and then, finally, a Globe Moment (lame!).

Took months on months gathering all of this.
Hopes you liked it =D


  1. May occasionally eat coco pops for dinner
    Has lost a pair of shoes to chocolate.


  2. First one is valid, second, not so much haha.
    Good work though. *shoots himself in the head*

  3. right, so that last bit about moments generally pwns

  4. Thanks Leanne, yours is pretty snazzy itself.

    Thanks a lot, Michelle, true right?