Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry O'clock

There are things that time is and there are things that time isn't, the ticking hands of the clock heals wounds, helps us forget and helps us move forward through that time, what those hands do not do is become a substitution for sincerity, they are not utilities to evade mention of past events, they do not speak, nor do they speak the words of an apology; so my question is, after plus years, why do people think everything is suddenly okay?

It just really makes me wonder what wavelength some of these idiots are on, what premature retarded birth of thought goes through there minds that gives them the audacity to misconceive a single civil act by the behesk of another as an act of sheer forgiveness.
I must explain, firstly, Alyssa. Early last year a mutual friend of ours held a birthday dinner in which we both attended. Going in I knew that I needed to contain myself in the name of preserving the dinner as a pleasant experience for our friend; greetings were had between the two of us, no comments were made, no problems were had. Once the dinner had ended, I found myself back home reading a brief message from Alyssa requesting to reboot our friendship after an extended period of separation; this did not sit well with me, so I politely declined. If you thought she hadn't gotten the picture yet, two more times had I checked my internet social sites with friend requests sent from 'Alyssa Fortini'.

Secondly, Marina. As opposed to Alyssa (well, sort of opposed), I really couldn't give two shits for Marina. After something ranging between six to twelve months of almost total silence I found to my surprise to be standing metres away from her watching Juke Kartel in my neck of the woods, this event was filled with strict ignorance, although, I knew the moment once they'd noticed me from the stupid and surprised looks they were trying to wipe from there despicable faces; once again, following this encounter, a friend request was waiting for me at home.

Either acts of total naivety or acts of seeking closure, who knows, but regardless, all acts have had two things in common, time has been a factor, yet an apology has not been. These two have somehow persuaded themselves into thinking that my choice to ignore the desire to jump up and down screaming and just leave the situation be means my forgiveness for the actions that have put them in this very situation, well let me just make one thing clear, time may sometimes heal but time is not a substitute for apology.

If you can't say sorry, then leave me the fuck alone.
- Ulladulla

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  1. Very good point people expect to forget about there mistakes as time goes by then rekindle a friendship when the pain they have inflicted is forgotten by them, but not by all. Sincerity should mean an apology no matter how much time has passed.