Saturday, February 7, 2009

Writer's Block

Of late, I have dedicated most of my song-writing time to just writing blogs. With creating the new blog domain you are in now and having a recent raindrop of words fall close to my mind, I haven't had much time in the way of coming up with any rhymes that have been worth remaining outside the reciprocal of my bin, until today really.

The last song I wrote was submitted shortly before my exams last September, dubbed Rubik. In having a four month writing block of coming up with title-worthy lyrics and concurrently delving deeper and deeper into the blogosphere, my deviantART's Newest section has seen nothing but my desktop screenshots, as a result of this, a lack of traffic is now an issue, minor but still a problem. I really want to get back into it and begin juggling the blogs and lyrics equally again; song-writing is something I don't wish to steer away from.

So, in saying all of that, I just wanted to purely let you guys know that the songs exist and that they can be found here, and to expect a long-awaited submission within the next month, so keep a close eye.

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