Monday, March 9, 2009

Troubled Sociopaths

Just something that has been of a minor nuisance the last few months, it's the garbage that is brought up among people. Sure, through my two-legged-transportation through the eighteen years of my life, I have committed to a garden-variety of dick-moves and overly harsh words, so fine, if you genuinely can't get over one of those particular days where I was either too naive, too pissed off to care or just mindless to the people that are around me, then you are granted; be pissed off 'til your hearts content.

But this is not the case in point; it's the fact that all you little immature morons that have this sociopathic addiction to incessantly attempt to get some sort of rise out of me by flushing up words that I breathed four years ago in the city just because you can and just because you thought I would be mind-boggled by actually believing that being called an areshole is more fact than fiction, then go mess with somebody else. You see, this blog is your rise, but at the same time it's your total fulfilment of gravity and your complete lack of refuge; just because your a sociopath doesn't make me an arsehole; by the way, in simple terms, that means that you are falling.

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