Monday, April 27, 2009

President Turned Celebrity

Welcome the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, now turned celebrity. My thoughts on this have been brewing since his inauguration, but in the light of his new dog, I thought now was a good a time than any to bring up my thoughts on [insert sarcastic expression here] President Barack Obama and how the worldwide media has used him as a brand name as opposed to a political leader.

I am aware, that Barack Obama has never sold anything with his name on it, so in the most-direct interpretation of the term brand name his title still remains president, but in terms of the family name Obama, this doesn’t particularly mean that others haven’t cashed in on it themselves. With the explosive force of an African-American man that off course has an ancestry of slavery becoming the first black American President in mind, not to mention the refined and articulate family man that is behind the presidency, the name was spoken about like there were water coolers on every corner, not only in the United States but everywhere, in other words, no matter which country you resided in, if Obama’s name wasn’t being mentioned, it was just about to burst from somebody’s lips. In his popularity, the media sees Obama as the shaft and balls of a pile of cash, and they have sucked hard, because after all, the media in the simplest of terms is a business and who can blame them for doing good business.

As a consequence of the media’s actions, I fear that the image of President is being a little smothered by an alternate image, the image of a dude who resides in the oval office running a country is getting lost among all of us. Personally, I feel comforted when I see Obama on the news actually speaking of something politically involved as opposed to him patting a dog, even if the political talk would still only be briefly shown once or twice and the dog would get a mention in every news update and a three-minute spot in the actual report of the day, which I know is absolutely ridiculous, just take a look for yourself here, and any search query will demonstrate how worldwide this news was. How can people dislike Obama when news about him that is only fit for Twitter becomes a massive news story? How can the President be seen as the president if he and his family are on the front of a clit-literature magazine? (I realise that the cover below is not one of the said magazines, but it was the closest I could come to one that was sold here in Australia) I rhetorically ask these questions because as long as journalists report his and his family’s movements like he is Paris Hilton, the seriousness of his image in people’s minds will further disintegrate into the air that all the na├»ve and ignorant of this world take deep breaths of.

Let’s not generalise my point, though, I am not saying that all of a political leader’s personal life should remain out of the newsroom, examples of things that are appropriate would be Obama’s grandmother dying on the eve of his election win, because she raised him, ironically, the media did not cover this enough; if you’re a tech-junky, his phone’s features; the changes he makes behind the doors of The White House, this could, although loosely, reflect on the way he governs; anything personal is fine, as long as it holds relevancy. I would also add that I even see the romantic goings-on between Bill Clinton and Monika Lewinsky as news, a womanising president? That is huge news!

Obama is a president, not some brainless star that you should love on the mere fact that he got a cute dog and looks after his body, he should be appreciated for making the changes he has in his first a hundred days, bringing hope to the world, intelligence to our ears; so, don’t base your opinions on the person that the celebrity-obsessed media has manufactured onto our screens, base it on the substance that makes him a president.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, here I am, this is what it's like to be alone. While you walk the streets at a time like this, wallowing in your own self-pity, do you go to a bar and spend the money you would have spent at dinner getting plastered, get the next bus home and be more alone than you are now or just do what you're doing now, fuse words together while zig-zagging through the big groups in a virtually empty street that you don't go to often. You see, when the only person you really want to be with drove away with a friend because you told them to and the only two people you'd actually consider friends won't pick up their phones, those seem to be your only three options at this point. All I've wanted to do all day and still do is casually go to dinner with the only person I care about. You see, I'd go home but for some fucked reason, I am waiting for a call that isn't coming, a person to bump in to just to weigh down. I'd go home, but here is the closest to not being alone that I am going to get tonight, I predict. Wallowing in self-pity and weaving between so many happy people; I think this is the loneliest I have ever felt in eighteen years.
- from the streets of Parramatta

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well, gees!

This only strengthens my earlier point, here; I am just glad that they only killed themselves, and not others. Here's the article.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life is Our Only Possession

Something got me thinking, have you ever just one day stopped and felt like one big massive tool for worrying about the things that we do? Ever feel like a douche for the materialism that we as modernised-human beings never fail to become a slave to?

Last Thursday, the things running through my mind were when my tax bonus was coming in, when I should buy my pocket computer, will I be broke before my next pay-day, should I have bought that hoodie, will my grandmother lend me the money I need to for my room’s new shelves, should I pay for a service to back-up my computer files, money, money, possessions, wires and motherboards placed between plastic, pieces of wood stuck together, more money wasted, just another bundle of obsolete pieces of junk and material for the house in a few years time. Despite this, something happened last Thursday, something much more profound in comparison, an old school-yard friend’s father took his own life. Last Friday, I stood in a room full of people that had just lost a brother, an only-parent, a friend, one of which was my own mother, this was the day that I stopped and looked at the massive tool standing at the mirror; me.

This raises a point I have always pondered, when the human race began, we had trees, grass, dirt and flesh; today, those are only the foundation to a fabricated world of buildings, footpaths, roads, clothes and, unless offcourse you use sticks to do your day-to-day activities, anything else we use. As an example of what I am trying to get at is if our eyes had a filter and we programmed that filter to show us only things that were real with emotional-value, as opposed to the physical, it would be like having a pair of x-ray vision glasses on, because when this filter is prompted, all it would show is the people around us, seeing straight through our fancy cars that can make over twice the speed limit of any motorway, our sunglasses that cost a week’s pay, the bullshit magazine you want or even our clothes, for that matter; just us. See, life is invaluable; it is the only thing in this world without a price tag, with both a physical and emotional component, it is, however, without interest and repayments; too bad it takes losing one to realise that losing anything else means shit.
R.I.P John Griffiths

Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Know It

Alright, not only have I shared this on whatever platform possible (Google Reader/Facebook), I felt that this gold that Leanne has created tonight needed some more publicity and my own brief spin, and with that feeling combined with my recent horniness for words, here we are.
this family
im not sure if its me but max brennerins make the best families. i feel closer to them than i do with my uni mates and i even feel closer to them than my family. talking about family i was talking to a workmate. and they told me they love kids but they would never have any. and they went on about their life with parents that didn't get along. and i think hey, thats true. why let your children go through a life of unhappiness and blame themselves for things that really wasn't their fault. if i remember correctly 1 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. im sure than if you ask those divorcees then they'd say that love is real and it's there, it just wasn't the right one. but i say bullshit. they are just trying to protect the people who have hope in love and marriage. but they know best. marriage isnt just about love, even if we all wished it to be like a fairytale. which we all know end 'happily ever after'. i guess they forgot 'P.S. happily ever after, after the divorce papers are finalised'. its funny to realise that the simplest of things can put you off things that you wished for a long time. love isnt love if its not unconditional. love is lust and those who use it so casually, are using the word love like its profanity.

[Quote Underlined] That observation is as much correct as it is astute.

As for the other stuff, I have always thought of marriage as the end of happiness in a relationship, I feel as if couples are much more happier and worry-free put back-to-back with married couples...and hey, if they aren't as happy as I assume, they can break up which would be a lot easier than your run-of-the-mill 'Daddy & myself won't be living together any more'-divorce-lawyer-child-custody-shit.
this bullshit
bullshit bullshit bullshit

thats what i literally hear whenever anyone is talking. anyone at all.
Brief, but not at all wrong; no body seems to have anything worth mentioning any more and when they attempt to they make no sense as they have absolutely no idea what it is they are trying to get at.

And as we are on the subject and the following is about this very blog, I thought it would be an appropriate addition.
this amazement
when you read a good book, an amazing book you're captivated by it to the extent that whereever you go it must be with you. on the train, on the bus, when your having you lunch break at work and certainly in your bed when your suppose to be sleeping. a good book makes me think. and think hard. more than i do now. its makes me wonder and wish to all my might that i too could have that gift of words and writing.

i have a friend and they write blogs. and i just have to say that you my friend have a gift. i jumped on my brother's computer this morning to get myself distracted from the many things that go through my head when im awake or not doing something busy like work but when i came on, instead of watching gossip girl since it was the only thing i havnt finished watching as of yet, i clicked on this blog. and from the most recent blog post to the older posts i could not stop reading. it was like reading that amazing book of someone's life and thoughts. it shows so much character and intellegence that it was captivating and it was inspiring. that blog made my day. so im saying if anything bad happens to me today that blog of yours will certainly be that great book ill pick up to escape. sucks that i dont have a laptop anymore though because i cant read it in bed. so thankyou.
Leanne also has a gift of her own, and it's not in her refusal to correctly punctuate her blogs, but in her direct style of writing that never fails to hit the nail on the head, so I urge you, here is her RSS feed and you don't need to be a member to comment, so there's no excuse not to.