Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life is Our Only Possession

Something got me thinking, have you ever just one day stopped and felt like one big massive tool for worrying about the things that we do? Ever feel like a douche for the materialism that we as modernised-human beings never fail to become a slave to?

Last Thursday, the things running through my mind were when my tax bonus was coming in, when I should buy my pocket computer, will I be broke before my next pay-day, should I have bought that hoodie, will my grandmother lend me the money I need to for my room’s new shelves, should I pay for a service to back-up my computer files, money, money, possessions, wires and motherboards placed between plastic, pieces of wood stuck together, more money wasted, just another bundle of obsolete pieces of junk and material for the house in a few years time. Despite this, something happened last Thursday, something much more profound in comparison, an old school-yard friend’s father took his own life. Last Friday, I stood in a room full of people that had just lost a brother, an only-parent, a friend, one of which was my own mother, this was the day that I stopped and looked at the massive tool standing at the mirror; me.

This raises a point I have always pondered, when the human race began, we had trees, grass, dirt and flesh; today, those are only the foundation to a fabricated world of buildings, footpaths, roads, clothes and, unless offcourse you use sticks to do your day-to-day activities, anything else we use. As an example of what I am trying to get at is if our eyes had a filter and we programmed that filter to show us only things that were real with emotional-value, as opposed to the physical, it would be like having a pair of x-ray vision glasses on, because when this filter is prompted, all it would show is the people around us, seeing straight through our fancy cars that can make over twice the speed limit of any motorway, our sunglasses that cost a week’s pay, the bullshit magazine you want or even our clothes, for that matter; just us. See, life is invaluable; it is the only thing in this world without a price tag, with both a physical and emotional component, it is, however, without interest and repayments; too bad it takes losing one to realise that losing anything else means shit.
R.I.P John Griffiths


  1. 100% spot on when losing something big in your life, the little things don't mean shit all.

    its to late this generation is materialistic man, even if we'd lose that big thing, we'll still come bak to see that small possession worth while when its not.

    the fuck am i gona do with a massive sword hanging on my wall? FUCK ALL.

    R.I.P John griffiths.

  2. Hey, I was thinking that too..
    Although people actually think these things, I'm sure many of us feel the way you do now, it's actually impossible to live that way.
    Which is pretty sad, like this comment I am writing (sorry it's not very insightful) because it is an hour past my bed time.
    Humans think of themselves as an elite race because we've created all these little things to make our lives easier, when we've actually over complicated life- consequently leading to our own destruction.

    Sorry if none of this makes sense

    I'd love to be a stick bug.

    *falls asleep*