Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Know It

Alright, not only have I shared this on whatever platform possible (Google Reader/Facebook), I felt that this gold that Leanne has created tonight needed some more publicity and my own brief spin, and with that feeling combined with my recent horniness for words, here we are.
this family
im not sure if its me but max brennerins make the best families. i feel closer to them than i do with my uni mates and i even feel closer to them than my family. talking about family i was talking to a workmate. and they told me they love kids but they would never have any. and they went on about their life with parents that didn't get along. and i think hey, thats true. why let your children go through a life of unhappiness and blame themselves for things that really wasn't their fault. if i remember correctly 1 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. im sure than if you ask those divorcees then they'd say that love is real and it's there, it just wasn't the right one. but i say bullshit. they are just trying to protect the people who have hope in love and marriage. but they know best. marriage isnt just about love, even if we all wished it to be like a fairytale. which we all know end 'happily ever after'. i guess they forgot 'P.S. happily ever after, after the divorce papers are finalised'. its funny to realise that the simplest of things can put you off things that you wished for a long time. love isnt love if its not unconditional. love is lust and those who use it so casually, are using the word love like its profanity.

[Quote Underlined] That observation is as much correct as it is astute.

As for the other stuff, I have always thought of marriage as the end of happiness in a relationship, I feel as if couples are much more happier and worry-free put back-to-back with married couples...and hey, if they aren't as happy as I assume, they can break up which would be a lot easier than your run-of-the-mill 'Daddy & myself won't be living together any more'-divorce-lawyer-child-custody-shit.
this bullshit
bullshit bullshit bullshit

thats what i literally hear whenever anyone is talking. anyone at all.
Brief, but not at all wrong; no body seems to have anything worth mentioning any more and when they attempt to they make no sense as they have absolutely no idea what it is they are trying to get at.

And as we are on the subject and the following is about this very blog, I thought it would be an appropriate addition.
this amazement
when you read a good book, an amazing book you're captivated by it to the extent that whereever you go it must be with you. on the train, on the bus, when your having you lunch break at work and certainly in your bed when your suppose to be sleeping. a good book makes me think. and think hard. more than i do now. its makes me wonder and wish to all my might that i too could have that gift of words and writing.

i have a friend and they write blogs. and i just have to say that you my friend have a gift. i jumped on my brother's computer this morning to get myself distracted from the many things that go through my head when im awake or not doing something busy like work but when i came on, instead of watching gossip girl since it was the only thing i havnt finished watching as of yet, i clicked on this blog. and from the most recent blog post to the older posts i could not stop reading. it was like reading that amazing book of someone's life and thoughts. it shows so much character and intellegence that it was captivating and it was inspiring. that blog made my day. so im saying if anything bad happens to me today that blog of yours will certainly be that great book ill pick up to escape. sucks that i dont have a laptop anymore though because i cant read it in bed. so thankyou.
Leanne also has a gift of her own, and it's not in her refusal to correctly punctuate her blogs, but in her direct style of writing that never fails to hit the nail on the head, so I urge you, here is her RSS feed and you don't need to be a member to comment, so there's no excuse not to.


  1. this is really
    i really have no criticisims...
    and this is why i never comment anything, because i really have nothing to say other than what i have said are a very good writer...i am jealous...and then i write that and sit here for ages reading over it and thinking "wow i sound like an idiot..." and so in the end i delete what i have there you are fantabulous hun...


  2. Umm, hun (assuming that this is Bradfield)? Thanks a lot, it is appreciated, but This shouldn't be a compliment to me, this is pretty much excerpts of Leanne's blog, the whole idea of this post was to turn my friends onto her blog.

    Don't just focus your energy into one post, give me some questions, some comments, some opinion on the subject at hand; I give you permission not to humour me, give me some disagreement if you have to.

  3. wow babe, thankyou? damn i am what you say it flattered. really. hahaha cant believe i didnt check it out till now.

    missing you sweetie!

  4. I disagree with one thought, that marriage is the end of happiness. I think the end of happiness and therefore the eventual demise of the relationship occurs when you lay next to your partner in bed and they kiss you good night and tell you they love you, and you question it. You question what they did that day when you weren't around, if they really love you and so forth. I think more often than not marriage is used as a way to stop your partner questioning that again, because hell, why would you marry someone if you were deceitful or didn't love them. . .