Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eight Months in the Making

So, here we are, just when I was thinking that I would never get here, I finished Don’t Make Me, and posted it here. Eight months in the making. You may remember me writing about the writing process of this shortly before my trip to Melbourne, posted here, well, the hard working eight months have paid off and with that payment I have something I would consider a masterpiece in the form of three fifteen liners split up by a repeated chorus. I use the word masterpiece because I think this is the best that I have written so far, to be honest, I thought this one would be a complete failure after trying so hard and so eagerly to get it done over the last few months.

In my previous post, I had mentioned that I will try and keep a healthy balance between song-writing and blogging, and although I will try, I think it is wishful thinking; I personally feel as if my song-writing teenage phase is over, or dimmed, but not dimming, however; I was even writing a now-unnecessary blog titled Song-writing Blows in lieu of even completing the song.

Finally, that song’s load is off of my mind, and I won’t keep you reading my writing related rambling any longer; hope you enjoy the song…or lack of one, if you feel the need to get technical.

Don’t Make Me and the rest, here.

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