Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scum of Parramatta

To preface my next and relatively initial series of work related posts, 25th of May marks my two years of employment at Max Brenner’s Parramatta store. The problems I plan to raise in these posts have been consistent or perhaps escalating factors since I even started back in the year 2007, over the years since, I have written many pieces but left them unpublished as I had considered them to be pure complaining which is something I wish to avoid. Case in point, these are my concluding months at Max Brenner, in the light of that fact, me publishing my thoughts is now merely stating the grounds to my resignation, as opposed to simply complaining and not doing what I should about it. Also, with each post, a common quote to begin and another from myself to end it.

In relation to this post’s topic, this is only semi-related to work, but as it is very current, it raises points about my work and has a connection with future posts in this series, here we go.

A few months ago, a customer said to me There is always something here [Max Brenner]; man, she was right in so many ways: I don’t consider myself an overly dramatic person, but I am a tad dramatic nevertheless. Living in the part of this fantastic city of ours, the part that the other parts of Sydney steer clear of, I have had to deal with danger since I was in primary school, and this has built foundations to a promise that I have made to myself, that promise being to avoid dealing with danger lightly, no matter the severity that it could cause. The way I see it is, any small violent matter can quickly escalate, you can’t prove me wrong, it has on multiple and considerably separate incidents, look at today for instance, for this, danger is something to be avoided, not shrugged at.

Today? What happened today?’ I assume your pretty little head is asking, allow me to explain, and with this explanation, a timeline to follow it, reverse chronologically cascading every incident that has been at the origins of the Western Sydney suburb of Parramatta and it’s acceptance of scum.
  • Thurs, 7th of May (Hey, that’s today!)
    Two people are stabbed; Max Brenner, Parramatta closes for business; store transforms into a crime scene. This is why I am still at home writing this, waiting to be told to come in; initial press release.
  • Sat, 2nd of May (Wasn’t that only the other day?)
    Some idiot kid, a Lad as they like to be labelled, walks into our store, walks into our storeroom where our belongings are kept; gets away with around two hundred Australian dollars. The guy was a douche, he left my phone and Mp3 player, but he did get twenty-five dollars from me.
  • 22nd/23rd of April
    The usual repeat offenders are sitting on our outside seats, causing trouble, like everyday; when I asked them to leave this particular day, I got spoken to in a way that I hadn’t been spoken to since around the time I left high school. The following day, they are outside and I catch them hacking at a table with a fork; I lose it; they leave.
Let me stress, don’t just think I am writing this post on the basis of three incidents, each incident is only an example of something that has occurred on multiple occasions, either being same or similar reoccurrences. Not only that, these three incidents are the only ones I can put a date on because of how recent they are; want to hear what I can’t date stamp?
  • Using our outside seating area as a hangout spot without paying; this can’t possibly have a date stamp, it’s been happening everyday, weekday or weekend, since the beginning of this school year.
  • Tables and chairs have been known to be taken a significant distance outside the seating area to their usual hangout spot where each of the two stabbings and all the previous punch ups have occurred.
  • Probably the most disgusting of all, the smashing and destruction of our property. An incident in early April had me arguing with a bunch of them because when I asked them to leave I discovered a piece of a mug, followed by countless other pieces of crockery and water glasses; they offcourse denied it as they denied forking the table even though I did indeed catch him. This has happened on more than two occasions.
  • The constant punch ups are a problem in itself.
  • The general standing around from when school begins ‘til after it finishes.
I guess you can surmise your own thoughts on why they are out there and not at school, the frequency bothers me, though, I often see the same kids not attending school, to be honest; I’d recently eavesdropped on a conversation that one of the girls were having on the bus I catch home and the conversation was a general boast on how she was on a four-day jigging streak; I was not surprised, disgusted but certainly not surprised. The thing that gets me about this situation, okay sure, the store room incident last Saturday was a completely isolated one, probably just the same as the first stabbing a few months back, but everything else I have mentioned is because of this one group of repeat-offenders, the second list is all of their fantastic work.

I don’t have too much more to state apart from the facts of it all, I mean, I am disgusted and utterly confused as to how somebody can sit down at a restaurant (or the equivalent) and deliberately begin smashing crockery, let alone, the question of how somebody sits around for eight hours, five days a week bored as fuck. I could also say that I am truly afraid and a tad paranoid, especially when on the odd occasion they have been there when I have had a midnight finish, this has had a fraction of influence on my upcoming resignation. I also wonder why all of these people come from a common race, I would usually leave it at that for you to make your own assumption, but for those of you that aren’t from Sydney then the mass-majority of them are of Middle Eastern origin. Not too sure if it’s because of the leniency in laws over in Lebanon, or something that is simply passed down from siblings, cousins and friends, but regardless of who from or why, there are only a small handful of them that aren’t trouble, and the Parramatta area in which I live has become a breeding ground for the lot of them, only because it seems as if Westfield and any other corporation caught up in all of this are only enabling them because they either can’t or won’t do anything about it; anyway, it’s all a big disgrace. Fuck, I hate my job.

Come one, come thousand of you.


  1. fuck this world sucks.
    and those people are one of the reasons.

  2. Absolutley true. Parramatta fosters some of the RUDEST school kids I've ever seen at the station.
    good on you for telling them off. someone needs to.

  3. Parramatta is one of the places within sydney that i steer clear of for that exact reason...i applaud you for standing up to them...not everyong will/has the guts to..


  4. @jean-marc definitely, a main reason, at that.

    @Anonymous(first) You are exactly right. Someone does need to, someone that isn't me, I have said what I have needed to, and thanks for the pat on the back but it was never the smartest thing i could do.

    @Anonymous(second) I tend to have the guts when I am either insulted or disgusted, I was both, and to let it all happen without my say would be doing a disservice to myself. But yes, also refer back to the previous reply.

  5. oh wow i don't go to parra as often as u but i have noticed in the last couple of months that corner there has become a hang out for the "lads"
    i didn't realise it was the same ones all the time. Seriously just reading that pisses me off. I don't understand why people act that way..where they get this kind of mentality its ridiculous.
    AND I'm a little worried and proud in a way, that you had the guts to stand up to them. I would have been WAY too scared to say anything without the police around or
    it sucks too coz max brener=chocolate which should always = good lol

  6. lol dude you got it pretty much right to the t...we had them come in today...the usual school kids that is and because we dont serve them anymore, they went crazy IN THE STORE swearing at michael like there was no tomorrow...sigh