Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

Just a cup of baking powder poured over my top, and I have a gut feeling that I should answer this call, but I was wrong, I am not a pensioner. Just the same, I was driven by the fact that I could make it work, but I was wrong; depressed, wished you were here, well in saying that, I am right, that’s happening right now. Under the roof of a loving mother, enough pocket change to live comfortably and I am mildly-depressed, how dare I? Perfect health and I degrade my mental health, why? Oh well, this begs the bigger question, will it rain on my clothes? Will I need to run out in the stupid rain, grab my clothes and throw them in the dryer risking shrinkage?

It is only a matter of time until I lose my mind, I give it five minutes, but however, my feet are not cold, so I should be fine, sitting here completely un-medicated. Popup: seven days to pay for my back up service, or I shall risk losing all things digitally-dear to me. Right hand, between the middle finger and pinkie, a hole in my new gloves, dangit! Another trip to Kmart is due. These vitamin c tablets you bought me, they surge through, but my nose is still cold, still quite sniffily, but I am not sick, like I said, healthy.

The Hon Kevin Rudd MP
Prime Minister
Parliament House

Kevin Rudd, I may not be dead, but I would like my nine-hundred dollar bonus, please?

Yours Truly
A guy who will vote Labour.

Oh, Kev, I must write you, I must also overcome this dilemma, Michael J. Fox’s: Always Looking Up, or Xbox’s: Assassin’s Creed? Oh, afternoon, how will I spend you? Oh, money, I hope I don’t spend too much of you away on toxic-consumables tonight. Oh, penis, how I could tie a rope around you and jump from a tree. Oh, room’s carpet, when will you be clean? Oh, nights, when will you let me sleep? Oh, job applications, when will you submit yourselves? Oh, blogs, when will they write themselves? Well I don't mind stealing bread. Oh, canned sausages, you are much more appetising than cereal.


  1. Petty things drive you crazy?
    You know who else felt that way?

    T.S Eliot.

  2. well i really don't have much to say other than...

    life's hard, man up...

    and really that has very little to do with the blog's topic at all...but then again when do i ever stay on topic whilst speaking, or in this case typing?...