Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Types of People

I should live in a bubble, a bubble-boy, this whole blog proves that. Limited social stimulation and work, all nicely packaged into a suburban spin of Mad Max. You see, I am consequently fed up with two types of people right now, impolite and unsavoury people.

Firstly, to all you unsavoury, lifeless losers, by all means, you can share your needles and fuck each other but why is it that when I come home I am forced to walk through a gang’s mass-meet-up. I guess maybe it’s not that bad, having to double bolt every door and lock every window of my house before I leave because there is a bogan-convention happening out front, why should I complain, right? Look bottom line is, when I go to work, I don’t want to see you spit, your middle finger or your mouth open, when a drug deal is planned, stop planning it in my street and finally, when a thirteen year old makes a breath, I don’t wish to hear an arsenal of profanities.

Secondly, to all you ill-mannered, impolite and self-absorbed arseholes who can’t correctly associate with other human beings, good luck in life. At work, when I show you customer service, you show me some thanks; I am not a self-serve checkout booth; I am not a robot, so don’t speak to me like one. So once again, to all of those whose parents failed to raise them, here’s the crash-course, when I say Hey, you say Hello; when I ask you How’s it going? You say Good Thanks; screw it, I’d settle for a faint murmur, at the least.

That is all for now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stay or Go?

You know those situations where a friend is upset but receives support from somebody else right in front of you simply because they just happened to be on that side of the room at that exact time, and because you think that a crowded confrontation is out of the question, you become an eager spectator, knowing that you’re the one that should be there but you are just utterly unsure if it would be the right thing to back the support being shown or the wrong thing to go on doing what you were previously; this obsession of thoughts on how to react is horribly familiar and hard to overcome; it’s something I have no idea about.

I’d be lying if I said it has never happened to me, hey, I’d be lying if I said that my lack of support in their pain has consequently upset me in this case, ironic, right? So, here I am, with this repetitive scenario where I simply become a concerned onlooker, with no idea of how to react. See, I may know, or at least think that I know, a lot of life’s lessons, but, despite each scenario’s similarities, this seems to be one that I don’t think I will ever learn, I have this gut feeling that it will always be that back and forth motion through a glass door that separates but never hides anguish.

So, tell me, when a friend of yours is in need, but a pane of glass is forced between you and where you feel you should be, do you go, or do you stay?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Debt for Luxuries

Just a thought, in the last few weeks, I have grown somewhat concerned about the sudden abundance of customers that have begun charging there orders to their credit cards. Now, if you are unaware, I work at a cafĂ©/restaurant that predominantly serves desert chocolate dishes, in other words, one of the world’s many luxuries that are to be indulged in when you have the money to pay for them. I mean, haven’t these people ever heard of debt? And if they have, why are they buying twenty dollar deserts for if they don’t have the money to spend on them? On a grand scale, that’s like buying a plate of waffles in lieu of getting a good home loan; this I don’t understand, and that’s the groundwork to my concern.

I turned eighteen about nine months ago, and I have been consistent in avoiding the whole debt-game by simply not signing myself onto a credit card, essentially because when it comes down to buying a car or a house, I don’t want to get zip because I spent money I didn’t and still don’t have. In my opinion, credit cards are evil, they are one of society’s biggest lows, alongside any other type of delayed-spending, on that note, if it’s use is appropriate and non-excessive, like paying late bills or making online purchases, then by all means, use it, but if it’s use is excessive, I would reconsider.

So, to all of those that are walking into Max Brenner with their pockets turned inside-out and there AMEX’s ready to be swiped for a bit of over-priced chocolate, I suggest that you use the card to invest in a pair of scissors so that you are able to cut those debt-creating pieces of plastic in two, because it is obvious that you are being reckless when it comes down to drawing the line that divides the necessities from the luxuries.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Terrorism Has No Religion

"Okay, so let us all define religion.
A code of conduct? A code of ethics or morals? Either way, isn't it a way of life .. to walk the path of righteousness? To be GOOD?

Well actually, I believe it's all of those things, simply put. Religion, to me, is a way of life, A set of values to be followed to be seen as good by a Higher Power, in most religions - God. Or to me - Allah, a name for God, in my religion, Islam.

Recently, many people have questioned me about my beliefs. Some even went that far, as to call me a terrorist. Well let me tell you- I am not a terrorist. Muslim people are not terrorists. Islam does not teach us to kill.

Then again, does any religion teach us to kill? As far as I know... nope, can't think of any.

So to those who are so malleable by what the media and propaganda tells you, no, my religion does not breed terrorists. Neither does any religion.

So, when you hear in the news.. that an EXTREMIST group has bombed some place.. what picture does it paint?
I have a rough idea of what you think. But let's break it down anyway (I am very strongly resisting to tell a joke about the phrase "break it down") .

I looked up this funny word called "extremism".
Extremism is a term used to describe the actions or ideologies of individuals or groups outside the perceived political center of a society.

Wow did you see that?!! "The actions or ideologies of individuals or groups OUTSIDE the percieved political centre of a society"

Is that enough to convince one that religion does not preach murder?

These people that break things or murder people are sinning. They will get no reward. And are distorting the truth.
They claim that their Higher Power as accepting of their way and that their religion accepts murder. Like I said, it doesn't and NO RELIGION does.

These ungodly acts, produced from severe misinterpretations of texts make the people of that certain religion vulnerable to the scrutiny of the the World Community. And no, not scrutiny in the good way.. These ungodly acts make the religion a target of abuse and rascism.

I speak as a Muslim Woman, but I speak for all religions, in all eras of history. Not just mine. I am not trying to convince you of my side of the story, but I urge you to look for the whole truth.

This is just a site I stumbled upon:

Until next time,


Twenty Years of Silence

Today, it is the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989. This means that twenty years ago, today, a significant number of Chinese protesters were massacred by the military at the command of their own government. This was the day that triggered the censorship and complete reassembly of Chinese history and to this day, this ignorant silence is still consistently upheld, even as technology and media evolves. For this, I think the Chinese Government are despicable pigs. How dare they retard their entire population by sugar-coating truths and facts simply because of some ruthless decision that was made years ago?

Silence is something that I strongly oppose, after all, it’s meant to be a free world. Parents who guide their children through life annoy me because it’s a life which avoids exposure to the world and, in my opinion, that’s terrible parenting, but that’s only one kid, in China’s case, we are talking about not one kid but over one billion people here, adults, children, everyone. That means that there are over a billion people that cannot simply Google anything regarding the Tiananmen Square Protests or even Tibet’s fight for independence, it means that there are over a billion people that are forbidden from using a photo sharing website just in case they find about how their government murders people that voice their opinions. People have a right to know, just as I have the right to look up how we as Australians attempted to breed-out the Aborigines; nobody said that we were proud, but we still don’t deny it, nevertheless. In China, people have been fired for posting articles, the government has patched, pipelined, mislead and silenced any honest source in an immature act of trying to dull out mistakes and petty facts, in light of that, to me, this behaviour is relative to a modern form of communism or perhaps even Marxism with less-severity, I mean, I know that the Chinese have their reasons, but so did Joseph Stalin while he was executing sixty million Russians, if you catch my drift; he too rewrote history to the way he preferred.

In the last year or so, however, it is evident that the Chinese Government have been a tad more open about the events that unfolded on June 4th, 1989, despite their recent restriction of several social-networking sites in the build up to today, on that note, I am interested to see how today will be handled, will the protests remain Taboo, or will friends and family be able to mourn and commemorate correctly? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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