Monday, June 15, 2009

Debt for Luxuries

Just a thought, in the last few weeks, I have grown somewhat concerned about the sudden abundance of customers that have begun charging there orders to their credit cards. Now, if you are unaware, I work at a cafĂ©/restaurant that predominantly serves desert chocolate dishes, in other words, one of the world’s many luxuries that are to be indulged in when you have the money to pay for them. I mean, haven’t these people ever heard of debt? And if they have, why are they buying twenty dollar deserts for if they don’t have the money to spend on them? On a grand scale, that’s like buying a plate of waffles in lieu of getting a good home loan; this I don’t understand, and that’s the groundwork to my concern.

I turned eighteen about nine months ago, and I have been consistent in avoiding the whole debt-game by simply not signing myself onto a credit card, essentially because when it comes down to buying a car or a house, I don’t want to get zip because I spent money I didn’t and still don’t have. In my opinion, credit cards are evil, they are one of society’s biggest lows, alongside any other type of delayed-spending, on that note, if it’s use is appropriate and non-excessive, like paying late bills or making online purchases, then by all means, use it, but if it’s use is excessive, I would reconsider.

So, to all of those that are walking into Max Brenner with their pockets turned inside-out and there AMEX’s ready to be swiped for a bit of over-priced chocolate, I suggest that you use the card to invest in a pair of scissors so that you are able to cut those debt-creating pieces of plastic in two, because it is obvious that you are being reckless when it comes down to drawing the line that divides the necessities from the luxuries.


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm



    if i was ur chocolate boss


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  3. ed/ i should proof read

    number one i think you should change the "think this is comment worthy" because 99% of the things i read and appreciate and downright bowdown to i don't comment on

    number two credit cards may be evil, but it's just another way of spending
    and evil is money is spending is evil
    so what'reyougoingtodo

    this brings me to the very important point that i spent weeks waiting for my credit card to arrive, when the bank told me they would call me when it did.
    and they never called me.
    and now i'm in france.
    and it apparently arrive a few days before i left.

    there are a lot of probelms in this world...