Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stay or Go?

You know those situations where a friend is upset but receives support from somebody else right in front of you simply because they just happened to be on that side of the room at that exact time, and because you think that a crowded confrontation is out of the question, you become an eager spectator, knowing that you’re the one that should be there but you are just utterly unsure if it would be the right thing to back the support being shown or the wrong thing to go on doing what you were previously; this obsession of thoughts on how to react is horribly familiar and hard to overcome; it’s something I have no idea about.

I’d be lying if I said it has never happened to me, hey, I’d be lying if I said that my lack of support in their pain has consequently upset me in this case, ironic, right? So, here I am, with this repetitive scenario where I simply become a concerned onlooker, with no idea of how to react. See, I may know, or at least think that I know, a lot of life’s lessons, but, despite each scenario’s similarities, this seems to be one that I don’t think I will ever learn, I have this gut feeling that it will always be that back and forth motion through a glass door that separates but never hides anguish.

So, tell me, when a friend of yours is in need, but a pane of glass is forced between you and where you feel you should be, do you go, or do you stay?


  1. i follow the golden rule to a T, and it my case it means not getting involved. all i know is that when i'm upset, it's extremely rare that i show it for the sole purpose that i don't want anyone knowing what negativity is in my life. ever.

    it might seem selfish if i choose not to involve myself in other people's problems, including by "helping out", but there isn't any other way i'd like to be treated if i was on the other side.

  2. Makes it even harder if there are underlying emotions involved.
    I'd probably have to say stay though...