Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Types of People

I should live in a bubble, a bubble-boy, this whole blog proves that. Limited social stimulation and work, all nicely packaged into a suburban spin of Mad Max. You see, I am consequently fed up with two types of people right now, impolite and unsavoury people.

Firstly, to all you unsavoury, lifeless losers, by all means, you can share your needles and fuck each other but why is it that when I come home I am forced to walk through a gang’s mass-meet-up. I guess maybe it’s not that bad, having to double bolt every door and lock every window of my house before I leave because there is a bogan-convention happening out front, why should I complain, right? Look bottom line is, when I go to work, I don’t want to see you spit, your middle finger or your mouth open, when a drug deal is planned, stop planning it in my street and finally, when a thirteen year old makes a breath, I don’t wish to hear an arsenal of profanities.

Secondly, to all you ill-mannered, impolite and self-absorbed arseholes who can’t correctly associate with other human beings, good luck in life. At work, when I show you customer service, you show me some thanks; I am not a self-serve checkout booth; I am not a robot, so don’t speak to me like one. So once again, to all of those whose parents failed to raise them, here’s the crash-course, when I say Hey, you say Hello; when I ask you How’s it going? You say Good Thanks; screw it, I’d settle for a faint murmur, at the least.

That is all for now.


  1. well i've never had to deal with the first one...but i sympathise...the second group of people however i find myself pittying more than anything else...i mean with out common courtesy they will end up either alone, or with others with the same level of social skills as there own...unless they are amazingly talented in a certain field or born into a "high" socio-economic group...their lives will ultimately go no where...which is sad, so instead of being angry…just try to remember that without those skills they are at a disadvantage in all areas of the world…


  2. Im glad you raised this Ryan because part of my job at work is that the second a customer walks through the entry I HAVE to greet them, no questions asked. 50% look at me oddly and continue ignoring me.