Sunday, July 12, 2009


Change, I do not like you. I don’t like how it happens, none of us do, but more importantly, I dislike how people ignore the fact that it happens. Some are not open about their transitions, some are not happy about their change and some have no idea that they have changed, myself included. You see, if these last few somewhat draining weeks have taught me anything, it is that I have lived and worked in the same area for so long that I am physically unable to walk down the street or go to work without bumping into somebody I have had some type of past encounter with, some idiot pit stop in my life. However, the person that wears the face that I am now seeing is not the same person that I knew during said pit stop; this is where the issue lies.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but it would seem that a good handful of the people that I once civilly spoke with have taken some disgusting path I couldn’t imagine myself walking down; they have just become the ghosts and tombstones of that better time in their life. It would seem that simply befriending the people I did in my past has now reverberated into my present by consequently giving me acquaintances and connections with all the scum in my area. It has gotten to the point where walking down a street is literally like walking down Memory Lane, but a Memory Lane of crime, promiscuity and chronic loitering; I don’t want to know the people staring at me when I am tying my shoes on my front step, I don’t want to know the person being thrown up against my work’s windows. Past friendships have just become obstacles for me in this common area in the world.

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