Friday, July 3, 2009

Emails save Social Lives

Email Sent; a message that is fighting for the return of my late social life outside of work, and to eliminate those small gaps I had between each shift. You see, I have reached a stage in my life which is relative to one of a full-time working person with a roster riddled with night shift after night shift, but I am only eighteen years old and I am taking part in something commonly known as a gap year, point being, my money-making lifelessness was not by choice, however, my acceptance of it was initially to save up for my new phone, but now that I have earned the money that I need, I no longer need to work hours quite so…taxing, especially at a place that I do not favour, hence, the email.

During my over-consistency at the store, I have grown somewhat upset about the lacking social stimulation happening in my life, and when I say lacking, I mean in the last few weeks, I have been out on four occasions; this has upset me.

So, the simplified version is: Dear Manager, I would like my old hours back, and Friday day-shifts again, please. Best Regards. And that’s my social life’s rebirth so that I can comfortably enjoy the remaining five months of this year with adequate spending and socialising balanced nicely with work; stuff this working all the time garbage.

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  1. ah the work/play balance. it always seems so damned elusive.

    kudos in actively pursuing something that will get you yours ry. = ] (as opposed to just complaining as i know most of us are drawn to do haha)