Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pityless for the Self-induced

Alcohol is social and self-induced. It is a minor thing but can sometimes have major effects in large quantities. I see myself as a truly altruistic person, even if I don’t know you, when it comes to passing out and what have you, I will be sure to assist, but if I don’t like you, what incentive do I have in helping you in a situation that you have put yourself in? I honestly struggle with the notion of helping somebody I dislike in a situation that they did not call the shots in, so why? I have been toying with this ever since Jess and I had discussed it after somebody she helped out at a party.

In a nutshell, this girl we mutually dislike guzzled down mass amounts of alcohol and either sniffed up or choked down some drug, I don’t really remember, regardless, whatever cocktail was surging through her body, by the end of the night, had her legless and unbuttoned, hanging off anybody for some support while her clothing hung off her; more to the point, Jess would help her, I would not.

Would I help in a completely innocent situation, maybe, but I don’t understand this helping somebody that has inflicted the side-effects upon themselves that wouldn’t assist me in any scenario anyway. I mean, I’m a nice guy, but not that nice.

1 comment:

  1. I think I would help her out.
    Even if this person in question was someone I hated.
    In theory I'd say "Oh I'd never help someone who has wronged me" or whatnot, but when time comes- I would not have the heart to say no, or not do anything.

    Also, if they had wronged me... i reckon me helping them out would make them feel guilty, so maybe I'm doing it for some sort of insidious intent.

    But either way, I'd help. Sorry if this post seems somewhat muddle-headed... I should be studying.