Sunday, August 9, 2009

Attractively Unattractive

You know what, I feel like I am disapproving of everyone. I’m not sure if it’s just me or what, but it’s all fun and amusing to meet girls in clubs, it’s almost exhilarating, especially if you hit it off, but I find that most of the girls that you could meet clubbing are, to put it bluntly, only fit for a one-night-stand. Now, I am not stating that every female that goes clubbing is some sort of slut, but when I walk into a club, all I see is a bunch of drunken girls with hardly any clothes on, and there is no way that I could date anyone of the myriad of girls who possess that type of clubbing routine; It’s great to look at, sure, but to date, no thanks.


    that's a general statement for it in general... haha

    nice use of grammar though...
    (i had to end on positive)

    stay sweet lovely

  2. I do agree to an extent.. If I was a guy I wouldn't stoop that low. However it is interesting that you would sleep with someone for just one night.

    I know, I'm bieng a bit strange and i know over seventy hundred million people do it.. How do they use someone for sex? For one night?

    I'm not against it, i just don't understand it.

  3. Sounds like you have a shred of self-respect. Others might disagree because you have no qualms with one-night-stands, but sex is totally different from love. Maybe they act that way because that's the most foolproof way to get attention. Since they have your attention, mayhap they ought to work now on maintaining it, eh?

  4. @azizatrina/@gmonkey: I didn't make myself clear enough, when I say that they are fit for a one night stand, I didn't mean that it is my intent to have a one night stand with these people, I was just stating that if it came down to me picking up or getting picked up, my only option would be a one night stand as there would be no way I could comfortably date one of them.

    @gmonkey: To conclude that, I do in fact have qualms with one night stands. Explain to me what you are suggesting by the final sentence?

    "Since they have your attention, mayhap they ought to work now on maintaining it, eh?"

  5. i have qualms over the "great to look at" statement, but it may be due to my lack of testicles.

  6. Totally agree dude...You speak the truth...