Friday, August 7, 2009

Familiar Feeling

Location realisation - It's like automatic pilot. I am partially absent for the trip there, deep in thought, then I return to the world upon arrival; most recently, this happened to me the other day in the city. It was like whoa, I was once home and now I am actually here; how did I get here, and so quickly?.

It usually occurs at work or the city and is often caused by the change of atmosphere, a transformation from the quiet solitude of my home to something considerably busier like the dark busy room of people at work or the sea of people amongst the enormous buildings which compliment Sydney's city skyline.

It is a single moment, only minuscule to the rest of my day, but its general significance is euphoric. It is the loudest moment of my day, a moment where the most happens around me, where I am completely exposed to whatever treatment the public eye can hand me; one bump brings me back. It's similar to a recurring dream I used to have as a child, where there would just be nothing, an infinite white room maybe, in which I was tiny and paralysed, and sounds, massive beats and thumps that held a lot of bass behind them, and I lay tiny, listening to the almost deafening and unknown noises; I have no idea what this means, however, I do associate the two.

So, you're probably thinking man, he is nuts for having that dream and to be honest, I might just be, but fortunately, a lot of other people share that trait, if I do happen to possess it, that is.

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