Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday the Thirty First

I can’t honestly say that I have ever done the whole journalistic type recount of my day before, not just on cyberspace, but any type of medium, because, to be blunt, I find them hard to read. I often fill this domain with compilations of my thoughts of the particular moments and occurrences that happen in one of those days, either accumulatively or just singularly, so, a rare change is due.

So, here we go – It was Friday the 31st of July and much like the rest of the herd, it’s my favourite day of the week, not only because it ends a usually hard week, but because it is my day of working during the actual daylight and doing whatever I like under the moonlight, as opposed to my usual nocturnal days of waking up late and working into early the next morning.

Scurried to the bus stop to catch the piece of junk they call buses around here, it was practically at the stop waiting for me; what I call a smooth morning. One thing I need to point out, the entire street can be clean, not one sign of litter on my short journey, and then when I get to my bus stop, tissues everywhere, strewn across the lawn…I mean, I have a thing about tissues, make me upchuck, please.

Got to work quite promptly; day-shifts are amusing at the Café I work at in terms of the array of people we are forced to serve. A night-shift you are faced with your run-of-the-mill bunch of idiots, yet during the day there is a bit more to it than that, let me elaborate; you have your analytic bunch that have so much precision in their ordering process, it’s amazing, it can go from something page three like the temperature of a coffee to something nuts like the width of the slices of fruit that we sell, both of which occurred today; then you have your polite crew - on a day-shift, I almost never have to ask how are you? twice to receive a response, and to trump that, they often ask back, and this could be for a number of reasons, one, it’s the fresh new morning, two, we often get intelligent people on their way to or from work or, three, they haven’t been waiting in line for forty-five minutes; you also will get your fair share of kids who purchase our cheapest item, which angers me simply because it’s this grand symbolism on how predictable and unadventurous kids are with spending their money, saving up will get you something better than a small container of milk chocolate; and finally, you get your “Max Brenner Runs” where an office has sent someone with a list of things to fetch, let me stress that reading off of a list that is often written by people who know how to order properly is maybe the easiest venture when taking orders. Personally, day-shifts also mean that I can enjoy the fact that I have something to look forward to for whatever I am doing post-work, and that I can possibly do next to nothing for the same money I am paid during an off-my-feet night-shift; day-shifts are fantastic. Although, my break would be where I discovered that my plans to drink up with Andy had fallen through, leaving my Friday night to become a lame Friday night.

The concluding half-hour was pretty much me standing around speaking to a work mate making last minute arrangements to salvage my social goings-on for the night; I also spent some time speaking to my good friend, Jess, who was just passing through from school. She wanted her MP3 player back after I pretty much made a best of playlist of my entire music library on her player. Then as she left, Alice surprise visited me to let me know that we weren’t spending the Friday night as a duo (which I already knew), so we decided to hangout for a little after I finished.

So, I finished work, grabbed a Waffle for Alice and we migrated to McDonalds for her to eat it. A good one-on-one conversation was had, which pretty much was me trying to convince her that she shouldn’t be flunking in school. The conversation then died and turned into a party, unfortunately. I have a real thing about numbers; I often rather enjoy a one-on-one with people rather than a four plus people crowding around. When this happens, it suddenly turns into one of those groups who loiter, they disturb peace and I want no contribution when that happens, it also would happen that any intelligent conversation can hardly survive when in groups; essentially, when people began to arrive, our semi-intelligent conversation depleted and it just transformed into a group of people bored. Notably though, Roberta showed up so it was good to see her for the first time in a long-while. Don’t get me wrong, though, I am not bashing parties or any type of get-together, just when the gathering is in a shopping centre. So, I soon left that, and the group broke up.

Another hunk of crap took me home, once again, waiting for me at the stop, luckily; also, only had a twenty dollar note to give the driver, which is rare for me as I usually try my hardest to always have the exact fare for the bus.

Then my time at home - Anybody that really knows me would know that I spend 99.9% of my time at home in front of my computer, the other 0.1% is spent making food, toileting, cleaning myself or doing my hair. My computer is my life, when it comes to technology, I am very materialistic; it homes my music collection, most of my movies, it types, stores and submits each word that I mash together, it keeps me connected with friends, it’s where I read my news, not to mention, a large fraction of most of my reading comes from it’s screen, and it does a tonne of other things. So with that being said, my time in the late afternoon was essentially spent catching up on my reading, and by this I mean various articles scattered all over the net. There a two outlets which help me do this, my RSS feeds for and Neowin, which scroll in a marquee across the top of my web browser where I can select whatever interests me from the headline, and then more importantly, my Google Reader account, which holds the rest of my RSS feeds, which I am also notified in my web browser about anything from blogs to job openings to MySpace comments I don’t want to miss out on in my absence from the site. There was a casual job for 3, not interested, there were a bunch of posts from a tech-geek Chris Pirillo, one from this brilliant writer I only stumbled across the other day here, there were also some from Geekolgie which I have Andrea to thank for turning me onto. Then I got the message, letting me know where to meet and so forth.

So, it was a bunch of time getting ready with the constant mirror poses, hair-teasing and too much cologne, then waiting around, then killing time with mum and showing her a bunch of Fail videos on YouTube posted by the Fail Blog; she was in hysterics. So finally, I got the message that they were on their way to the city, so mum offered me a lift to the station, which was great, saved a lot of hassle. Got to the station, had to wait and watch the Sydney Terminal express train go because I didn’t want to have to do the hike from Central to Town Hall, so I killed the twenty minutes watching Quantum of Solace on my MP3 player, trying to gather a somewhat positive opinion on the film; pulling it out probably wasn’t the smartest thing I could have done. So, the train ride was a little heated; a young African dude having a chinwag on his phone in his native tongue sat in the seat in front and some white drunk guy sat across the aisle. As the train progressed further along the Western Line, drunk guy begins to get a little bit agitated by the black man’s talking, then subsequently begins to tell the man to shut up and that he should go fight that guy, pointing to an Indian guy also on his mobile having a conversation, this of course was right before he pulled out a colossal bottle of Victoria Bitter and began to skull it; respect to the African guy for not kicking his head in, plus that would’ve made me late.

I arrived, got a call pretty much simultaneously with my train stopping at Town Hall, waited at the bus stops across from Town Hall near the Woolworths, and almost literally jumped into a car to be greeted by my work mate, Gladys, her boyfriend, Lawrence, which I knew, and there two friends, Ven, the designated driver, and Ryan (I think). We parked, detoured to an ATM where Lawrence insisted that we don’t go near the Commonwealth teller’s only twenty metres away; paranoid. Then to the line at our destination, Havana on Oxford St, King’s Cross, Sydney. The line continued after the security check, a nice man waved a wand in front of my body and signalled me through, up the stairs, paid twenty-five bucks, and in we were.

Lawrence mentioned how your first moments in a club are the full force, with the blast of music and the lights; this was correct. I have always found clubs funny, funny in the way that they are the biggest crock of shit. With Fridays and Saturdays (and whatever other night) pouring in people paying twenty five dollars each simply for admission then each downing countless ten dollar drinks, it’s the ultimate money-making scheme. Hey, let’s put some flashy lights up, a bar and a guy that sits behind a sounding board and his laptop and I am a millionaire! It’s the main reason I avoid clubs, each time I have been clubbing since the law has allowed me to, I have always set a dollar limit for myself so that I can prevent waking up the next day with a hangover in my bank account; so, once I have hit that limit, I spend no more. My limit is always set when standing at the ATM shortly before entering, last night, I chose sixty-dollars, plus of course, the two dollars I was charged for not using a St George or Westpac teller machine. I knew beforehand, but if not told, I would have worked it out almost immediately, it was an Asian club, an assortment of gorgeous Asian girls with their massive boyfriends; I won’t say that I was the only white person there last night, but you know, I was one on the wrong side of a ratio. Three Smirnoff Double Blacks and a Long Island Ice Tea later, and it was time to go. Quick stop off at McDonalds, and I was then dropped off at home. I am not too sure why, but I have this habit, there will be all the light in the world in the car, but I always wait to get to my door before pulling out my keys, simply so I am forced to fumble around and try to fit keys into my door like I am trying to do a Jigsaw-Piece Puzzle until I can get the right one, I must do this for both the normal lock, and the dead-lock; it’s retarded.

So, I spent seventy-two dollars all up, not including my McChicken Bacon Deluxe. So, getting home, for some reason, as drunk as a skunk, I jumped on my computer thinking that reading words would be simple, yeah, it wasn’t. With my eyes almost touching my monitor, I called it a night, giggling myself to bed.

Luckily for me and my work shift I have tonight, I am absolutely without a hangover, as per usual, however, I woke up with the driest mouth, a drought was occurring within my body, at one point, I woke up, had two full glasses of apple juice and went back to sleep; I was so dehydrated.

And that was my day, and my gosh, that is my recount, he exclaimed two thousand words later. Do you now see why I do not like to recount; anyway, a pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

Stay safe.


  1. okay so you said it was long...but are lucky i love you or i would have seen the length of this thing and left lol...not that i don't enjoy reading but like you said reading about others peoples days is slightly boring...
    but i'm glad i read sounds like a fun day...and i never knew the reason behind you not going to clubs this blog both entertained me and taught me something new... what more could you ask for from the longest blog is history? lol

    stay sweet lovely xxx

  2. $25 fuck me man.


    good music?

    agreed thatbus's are pieces of shit but they are trying their best for newies.



    many of the reasons i hate parra so many people who just intrude... but seeing berta n stuff is pretty sweet dnt really see much of em aye.

    i think maybe20% of time at home is xbox? LOL


  3. 1) I had no idea that day shifts at the chocolate palace were so much better than night shifts.
    2) Why would Jess ask for a 'best of playlist' when she could just as easily download the Linkin Park Discography for herself :P
    3) Fuck getting fined $2 for not using a local ATM!
    4) Again, Amen to your dislikeage of clubs. They are good as long as you're tipsy before you enter, so you avoid having to page triple the RRP for an alcoholic beverage.
    5) Shit, that was 2000 words!!!?

  4. This is great!
    The best thing I have read that u have wrote in ages  well in my opinion

    It made me laugh on more than one occasion and was over all intriguing. Yes it was long but that just adds to its charm.
    Good job