Monday, August 17, 2009

No Vision

I hate 3OH!3. That’s right, hate, it’s a very strong word, and I am using it.
So, after months upon months of bitching, here is a blog to accompany my utter dislike for the idiots who make 3OH!3 and, more specifically, there hit Don’t Trust Me.

Now, not only do I happen to know that that here are two sell-outs who got signed by a relatively new label called Photo Finish Records, probably as bad as the bands they sign judging by the company’s shocking name, my dislike delves a tad deeper, it’s my defence of Helen Keller.

Let me tell you a little something about who Helen Keller was: Helen Keller was an outspoken political writer who loudly and openly opposed the things she didn’t think were right with the world. For as long as I have been writing, I have collected countless quotes into numerous word processing documents, some of which were once articulated by Keller herself. Keller once said “The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but has no vision.”, that one’s my favourite, now read the blurb of this blog; I will leave you to spot the similarities for yourself. And that was only off the top of my head; a quick Google search tells me that she wrote her first piece when she was eleven (even though it was unintentionally plagiarised; don’t ask, do the research and you’ll understand), she was practically blind yet she saw more than a lot of people have in the world that don’t even need glasses, in other words, she was a journalistic genius; and look at her now, it’s been over forty years since her death, and she has now been denounced from a genius to some silly lyric, from an intelligent writer to a shallow fusion of written words; now that’s a travesty if I ever saw one.

I am also quite pleased to point out that just when you were probably thinking that I am the only person on the globe that has a problem with the reference, the version of the song sold and aired (and maybe even performed) in the UK had to have the reference cut from it; that’s right, it’s me…and then the opinion of a nation.

So, to every kid who has heard Don’t Trust Me come on the radio or has at one point bounced around in a nightclub singing about how Helen Keller talks with her hips, to every person that has no idea who Keller was but still continued to sing it and put money into the song’s sales, you are as bad as the people that she once stated as having ‘no vision’. On that note, my assumption is that the lyric refers to the actor (or actors) that portrayed her, not the woman herself, which makes that point as incorrect as it is irrelevant. I just hope that this is the last I have to write about 3OH!3, or any other band who decides to make invalid references (likeParkwayDrive; oops!).

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  1. Understandable... However I doubt they were trying to dirty the memory of her...many of the kids don't even know who she don't blame them for singing along to a catchy popular tune which has one line the is mean to a woman that has been dead for like the entire of out generation...
    Be nice lovely!