Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chocolate Rein

To preface this work-related post, the 25th of May marked my two years of employment at Max Brenner’s Parramatta store. The problems I plan to raise in these posts have been consistent or perhaps escalating factors since I even started back in the year 2007. Over the years since, I have written many pieces but had left them unpublished as I had considered them to be just me complaining which I choose to avoid. In the light of my resignation, publishing my thoughts is now merely stating the grounds that lead to it happening, as opposed to not taking action.

The previous, Scum of Parramatta, was over a thousand words, and to be blunt, (and yes, grab a hold of your seat) I am tired of talking about my, now, previous place of work, so I will try not to get into too much detail.

A customer once said to me that there is always something here [Max Brenner]; but never will I have to walk into work and find out that we have sold out of coffee beans/chocolate/waffles again, that the cash registers are down for the fifth time/that someone else got stabbed at our door/that the toaster is no longer toasting for the fiftieth time/that we will be two people down due to poor rostering, because as of this week, I am no longer employed at Max Brenner.

Now the guts: In a brief sentence, I would describe Max Brenner Australia as the retarded love-child of a successful business idea and a terribly managed restaurant; no matter how bad things were people still came regardless. In my training months, the word of each staff meeting was (say it with me now) consistency; the irony in that is highly amusing. The very people who were trying to enforce the C word couldn’t even live up to it themselves, the only thing they were consistent in was being inconsistent, I mean, I find it difficult to remember a time where we had full stock of all menu items simultaneously, where everything was available at ease, or where something got fixed the day it broke, as opposed to it being fixed six months and one robbery later, and they had the audacity to lecture us on being consistent. Nothing ever got done, anything that needed to go through head office, that is. Once again, in a brief sentence, I would describe the superior-managerial staff of Max Brenner Australia as I would describe a slumlord, they were the slumlords of the restaurant business, and us, the employees and customers, are the tenants; ultimately that’s what they were, actually running the business well was never high in their priorities, only their bonuses and weekly profits were in mind. Personally, I would prefer to spend a few extra bucks and have a positive reputation than everyone wanting to kill each other every night, because most weeks, that’s how it felt at the Parramatta store; but you know, each to their own.

So, the weight has been lifted; no more one hour waffles, no more senseless rules and laziness, no more consistent-inconsistencies; no more Max Brenner for me.

“Come on guys, I want you guys to smile more at work; I don’t understand why you guys don’t smile.”

Hate to my Max ♥

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