Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have no discretion, I have no node in my brain that is fine with not saying what I think, I am not a fan, and I do not buy their albums. The other day at work I said fuck in front of a customer’s kid, I’m not immature I just have no off switch. So, I have things to say about some types of discretion.

Discretion in relationships – I personally feel that any relationship should have a probationary period on top of the build up to the relationship beginning where you can just point out flaws; complete physical honesty. It can’t be things that cannot be changed, or will be changed with surgery that will cost a hunk of cash like ‘fix your teeth’ or ‘make your nose smaller’ but I’m referring to the petty little things like shaving, nails, skin, clothing, intimacy or just general hygiene. I often hear people say that our world is too superficial and that personality matters, well, if that is true then this shouldn’t be too hard to come by then, and as long as you are willing to cop some criticism in return, why not? If I had bad breath, I’d want to know; if my shirt pisses you off, rip it off of me (yeah, you see what I did there, ladies); don’t dance around it, fix it.

Discretion in writing – Gah! I hate it! Believe me, I do it. I have a secret blog. It’s this little domain I have had for a few years which no one that I know has read and it has all the stuff which could potentially make me die an early death. I hate using it, sometimes I dumb down blogs just so that I can post them here, but when I dumb them down, my writing gets dumb, so it’s a lose-lose situation. I always use broad terms and I often give people fictitious alias’ to avoid the blog being found in a simple Google query; like seriously, I don’t want to die! So if I want to hide my lust from an ex or hide the fact that I wish to kill someone that happens to have friends who will actually kill me and not just fantacise about it, I turn to that blog, and I don’t like that I have to do that.

Discretion for kids – Yeah okay, so it’s either me or Grand Theft Auto; choose the weapon. I mean honestly, give it up; cover their eyes when they see breasts on screen, but in ten years they will be on the World Wide Web looking at more than breasts, I can say that with absolute certainty. It’s a disservice to young expectations, I feel. I know that when I get a chance to properly chat with my half-brother, I won’t scare him but more prepare him for what could happen, no misconceptions. I am not saying erase all boundaries, but the simple sugarcoating of the little things is just a waste of time. I mentioned once that life isn’t the way it is to Mike Brady, so let’s not pretend it is when in the presence of children.

You see, we have this thing in the world and it’s called discretion, and with that comes white lies, which is good, it keeps the world sane, but it drives me insane. I don’t want it.


  1. haha, yep, saw what you did there, ryan.

  2. hmm i understand where ur coming from but i know i do that, alot. I mean if its something important like hey uve got tomato sauce all over ur face ill tell u haha but i really dont like this free flow of "constructive criticism" mostly because half the time its rarely constructive, makes u feel shit and i know i dont want to hear it so why would others.

    grrr reminds me of someone actually haha...

  3. I see what you did there.