Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Leave It Be

I, Ryan Quinn, will make an attempt to no longer overreact at things with shock value and I will attempt to no longer try to take control of who befriends who. It’s been one thing I have done that has always peeved people, and in the past, it hasn’t been that much of a big deal for me, but at present, my overreaction had the potential to jeopardise something else much more profound; family.

Case in point, I had this best friend, we are no longer friends in the strictest sense of the term; I have this cousin, me and him hangout on occasion. My cousin thought it would be alright if he began to spend time with said ex-best friend. My initial reaction was the point I am at now, a neutral ‘who cares’. My reaction yesterday was losing sleep, freaking out, telling my cousin that everything is over if he were to continue to do what I see as a betrayal and being two inches away from breaking down while trying to talk to mum about it. My reaction today, after some thinking, is back to neutral.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still horribly unhappy and disrespectful about the decision, but I know that I will just have to deal with the fact that for some f-ing reason my cousin thought it would be okay to risk our projects and, more importantly, the healthy climate within our family over some idiot who ruined his friendship with me, besides, frankly, I have other things I would rather focus on right now. I just hope that things don’t somehow escalate the way that they have before, as that was what I was initially trying to prevent.


  1. you know, this isn't completely unnatural of you. especially since i questioned what was going on when i noticed.

    but, yeah. you're making the right decision... let it go.

  2. i understand it's a tender issue...especially with this ex-friend...but you just need to remember're cousin is a good guy, otherwise you guys wouldn't hang out as much as you do or get along as well as you do...try and enjoy the friends you do have instead of spending your time worrying about loosing them...i know it's hard considering your history, but believe me it's the only way you can be happy.

    stay positive lovely, your life is full of people that love you!