Sunday, September 13, 2009

That R Word

RAPE! Ever since women have been better liberated, that fantastic word has been thrown around and bashed over the head that is the male race like a rocket launcher that disperses misfortune. There seem to be women out there that see the word “rape” as something that gets results, and fast. It’s sort of like the Get out of jail free card in Monopoly, just that it’s in real-life and it’s a piece of shit. Its instant attention, its instant sympathy, its instant destruction, so instant, however, that nobody ever second-guesses the person that has squeezed down on their rape-horn, I mean, I should know, I’ve certainly had first-hand experience.

Why do people do this? I can tell you why. All men have this thing in their pants, it’s called a penis, all women have this thing in their head and it’s this narrow perception that all men, at some point or another, will get so desperate to use those penises that they will have no choice but to turn to rape in order to culminate the desperation. With that being said, apart from the fact that nobody has the stomach to accuse the victim, that obvious stereotype is what makes the rape strategy so full-proof. I don’t care how doomed and how sexually debased a lot of the male population’s morals are, dickhead or not, it takes a lot for somebody to molest, sexually assault, rape or whatever other label you choose to tag it. People need to lose this bullshit mentality about us if they no longer wish to be fooled by these stupid girls. It doesn’t just take a man to commit such an act; it takes someone that is morbidly unbalanced.

I dated this girl, after she broke up with me, all of my friends, all of her friends and all of our mutual friends knew that I was totally mistreated by this person that I would’ve done anything for, so when she began to see all of her friends start to leave her side, and some subsequently coming to my aid, with no knowledge of my own, she played the rape card and it worked. For something like eight or nine months, the trouble I got at school escalated, friends and acquaintances just stopped speaking to me, and I had no idea why. So, when I got told by someone that was probably my only friend and the only person that I can say doubted the accusation, it all became clear. It’s been a few years since and the only real impact was social, I mean, some people still haven’t spoken a word to me with any goodbyes or questions and some psycho stormed into my old work labelling and threatening me, but aside from those two things, at present, it’s pretty much over. Point is, although my experience was only very minor in impact, if an accusation of this nature were to be made about someone a tad older that had more to lose, like a family and a career, and word got to the police, someone’s life is ultimately in the hands of this little white lie, this empty four-letter word; prison, future employment, it all just gets ten times harder, all because some score is trying to be won or someone desires a bit of the spotlight; and suddenly, the alleged victim is now the one morbidly unbalanced.

At the behest of this word, men are absolutely the weaker sex. It’s a scary thought that a girl can simply click her fingers and put me in prison; it’s also a scary thought that in the future we are going to have to treat every alleged rape victim with the possibility that she’s a liar. You see, when harebrained people take advantage, unfortunately it’s the sensible people that seem to suffer as a consequence in the world. Believe you me, the only time you should scream rape is when you have been raped.


  1. HOW DARE YOU. how dare you act so blase about such a serious topic.
    you are the scum of the earth

    as a rape vitcum and survior. i am disguted to hear your cheapen my pain. i hope you die.

    the last remaining respect i had for you
    is gone
    you fucken mongrol

    go die,

  2. Hmm, please give me some quotes from those four paragraphs that have 'cheapened your pain' or that are 'blase' about rape victims? Better yet, pull me a quotation that was even remotely subjective to rape victims and, at the same time, makes me deserving of death or any of the things you've just said above?

    You see, I assume that if you could form letters together on your keyboard correctly and could look past the fact that I started the blog with the word 'rape' in upper-case and bold font and actually focused on the subject matter, you would realise that the entirety of this blog was speaking about THOSE OF THE FEMALE RACE THAT HAVE LIED ABOUT BEING RAPED and THE WORD 'RAPE' ITSELF. The only time you will see that blog refer to rape victims personally is in the concluding paragraph where I state that I am scared of a time in the future where people such as yourself would need to be treated in a suspicious fashion as a consequence to the false accusations that have and will be made. "’s also a scary thought that in the future we are going to have to treat every alleged rape victim with the possibility that she’s a liar."

    So, I give you this: next time you read something you don't particularly like and are about use terms like 'scum', 'mongrel' or 'go die', make sure you read over it again before you put anything into writing.

    So, how dare you?
    Enough said.

  3. yes, take cheap shots at typing and spelling mistakes of something written in passion.

    i challenge you to be a victum of somthing so devestating and then go read somthing from a douchebag who knows NOTHING on that topic and see how you feel.

    AND your comment about rape being a "get out of gaol (which you mispelt) free card"

    please tell me how they doesnt trivialises rape.

    "fooled by these stupid girls"

    Ryan do you want me to continue?

    and by the way ASIO called. they want you to get a life.

  4. I don't think you read my previous comment.

    So what you're saying to me is that, in the context of my blog that you are still continuing to use as a reference, you challenge me to tell all of my friends that I got raped when I haven't actually been raped, is that what you are challenging me to do? So, then I go and read something from some 'douchebag'...which is being abused for posting something that he didn't? That's about it, right? Sounds pretty spot on, in my opinion.

    AND my comment about 'rape being a get out of gaol (which you mis(S)pelt [THAT'S RIGHT, YOU MISSPELT 'MISSPELT']) free card' actually wasn't my comment, my comment was "IT’s sort of like the Get out of jail free card in Monopoly, just that it’s in real-life..." I emphasise the IT part of that, referring to those that use rape as a tool, never did I actually say that rape victims use their ordeal as a Get out of jail free; so, how does that trivialise rape if it isn't referring to rape at all? By the way, while we are on spelling or misspelling (you know, with the two S') and the game Monopoly, I am well aware of the differences between 'jail' and 'gaol'; the original UK version of the board game Monopoly, the one that was generally sold in Australia (you know, where we live) had a card in it dubbed the (say it with me now!) 'Get out of JAIL free [card]', this being it's label, it's name, hence the italics; I don't understand your basis for spelling, if I had used Toys R' Us as a reference would you correct me on that one?

    Next (mis)quotation (this time it's only one S, dear; note this down for school, darling): "fooled by these stupid girls" Who do you think I am referring to? Who in their right mind would put on a blog that girls that have been raped are ultimately deemed stupid. No body has the right to make that judgement, no body WILL ever have the right to make that statement, and again, it's totally out of context.

    Although I am amused, I actually don't want you to continue, because I have again, for the fifth time while reading your short-sighted opinions, come to the conclusion that you still have this idea that the blog was entirely subjective of rape victims themselves as opposed to what I was actually saying and every quote will just be taken out of context and presented to look like I was referring to something else, much like the previous ones have.

    Oh, ASIO, well done, what's next? That fight I lost in year eight :P ? Grow up, this isn't high school, although, even if you did make it through your HSC, it still doesn't change the fact that you still fail to understand anything that has been said on this single page, even after this comment it's probable that you will still be convinced that Ryan (that's me, the guy defending rape victims) banged out 600 words so that he could simply bash on rape victims, but the way I see it is, you are the first person that has taken a step onto another planet and accused me of writing things that were never written; you see, you're the minority. Reread the blog, hopefully this time it all won't be so hard to read for you. (And don't forget; two S' for MISSPELT [yeah I know, hilarious], one S for MISQUOTATION]).

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  6. yo, Anon, you're a fucking immature fool. don't go accusing ryan of degrading rape victIms (yep, that's an 'I' not a 'U') when, if you had even the most pathetic understanding of the english language, you'd see that what he's saying is doing the exact opposite.

    by challenging the idiots who throw around the word for attention or sympathy (and this DOES happen), ryan's blog post makes the point that rape IS a serious topic - way too serious to be used in such a stupid fashion by people who take pleasure out of being pitied.

    don't think that because the topic of this post, which (and i question) is related to something that happened to YOU, makes YOU the voice of others who have been through the same ordeal. THAT is degrading rape victims, and it isn't appreciated.

  7. Couldn't have put it better myself Michelle.

  8. Wow, that took a while.
    Jeez, learn to read.