Thursday, September 24, 2009

Western Sydney

There is a small amount of people that reside here in Sydney, Australia that have obviously never stepped foot in this city’s Western region. With the help of the media, their image of this place is to the liking of some sort battle zone with violence and drugs everywhere, like we have no society or something; I don’t know, however, what I do know is that it’s all ridiculous.

Living here myself, I admit that I don’t have a lot of positive things to say about the area, but under all the complaining, I can bluntly state that it is quite tolerable. Crime maybe higher, housing costs maybe lower, the kids could be better contained in some parts, but you can still comfortably live in the environment, we still have shopping centres, corner shops and anything else that you would find in the east, and yet people have this dystopian image like it’s Mad Max over here (even though I have made comparisons in the past). It all sounds nuts but I have known people that are scared to travel to this part of Sydney.

I’ve lived here for eighteen years, and I’ve never been shot, I’ve never been mugged, and even if I had been, it could’ve happened anywhere. People were killed at Sydney Airport a while back, does that mean that I avoid catching a plane until they build another big airport? In fact, do I avoid that entire suburb now that something has happened there? What I am trying to say is, every suburb has its colourful types, every region has its unstable groups, and this is why every suburb has its own police station. You see, if I avoided every place in Sydney that has had a violent incident in its past, I wouldn’t be living in Sydney.


  1. i feel you...however i still wouldn't want to live out west...
    not because of social stigma, but because i'm lazy and it'd be a hell of a trek to the city in comparison...
    stay smiley lovely,

  2. coming from someone who's lived in both the west and the east (well, inner-west), i would say that i definitely prefer marrickville to merrylands.