Friday, October 30, 2009

Heavy Drinkers

Random thought:  Since I began working in hospitality and since this country became so obsessed with water due to drought, I have always been curious as to how much water, in litres, is used in my single workplace in one single day? I would imagine that the number would be huge, and for what, to clean dirt off of our dishes, floors and hands? For water that is said to be so scarce, seems pretty petty in comparison. With that in mind, that thought was then followed by the amount of water that would be used by all the several restaurants in the entire suburb such as the one where I work; I mean if one outlet amounts largely, how much would thirty plus amount to? And that’s just Parramatta, how about Sydney City, or just Sydney in general. Then you have to add the households and the rest of it. Makes you think that there has to be some other way, doesn’t it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

this girl

This girl, I don't really know who she is, and I don't really think that she knows who she is when in the eyes of others, most of all, though, she doesn't know what I see when I am looking at her, that's for sure. When I say 'really' in 'I don't really', it actually means that I think I have a pretty good idea, but that idea might be proven wrong, like I said, our friendship comes down to me knowing her first, middle and last name, knowing where she would rather be right now and who she would perhaps be better without, but I don't know her, like really, I just know what I think.

This girl, this is what I think about her. When looking into the mirror, she sees a speck, replace that mirror with me and I am looking at a boulder. This girl, she uses words like 'empty', 'bored', 'disappointing' and to sidekick her kicking her own arse, she belittles her existence by comparing herself with objects of no substance. She sees everything by looking up and consequently misjudges her own worth. Her happiness is reliant on what others think, that same happiness hungers for prospects she is unable to find, she seeks approval and independence but feels that she is losing her grasp on those two things. Post-to-post, she gets lost in her music titles and is left undiscovered beneath her own fears.

So, this girl, she doesn't understand what I know, or at least what I think I know. This is why I write this, why I am identifying a girl which I know no hard facts about. It's because at every glance I take at the girl, I see a person that is contrary to the one that is spoken of in every blog that she posts. To me she isn't the failure she thinks she is, but how do you tell someone that without them taking it as a friend being nice when in fact I am just a friend being honest? This is why I write this, it's why it has been waning on my mind of late. I mean, the fact that she would never come to me for support doesn't help, it would certainly open up the opportunity for these things to be articulated in a more private manner.

This girl, I know that she's hurting; I know that she is at a pit stop she doesn't want to be at, but if only she would come to me for support, seek some consolation in my general direction just for me to show her that she isn't what her blogs claim that she is. I'm not saying that I'm the only single-digit that has but I've seen that face, and I want it to be looking at me and telling me that the next blog post will be about how grounded things are and about how fantastic things are becoming for her life and her emotions; all I need is some fuel to attempt to make that happen for someone so great, such as this girl.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Black Plague 2.0

I consider myself to be quite tech savvy so I won’t bash too hard on those that aren’t, but honest to god, some things just come down to common sense, regardless of if it’s displayed on a computer screen or not.

The internet is a breeding ground for exploitation; this is why Anti-virus companies are in business. People are clever in how they pull people in, very clever. I find that they play on your fears and your desires, for example, virginal teenagers would love to have a tool which lets them know who has blocked them on their IM application, and people would panic at the site of their screen when something like this or this comes up. With the exception of the hoax advertisements, this is why we call these things viruses, because they spread in the exact same fashion a virus would in the real-world and, this is the part that bothers me, when we see them spread we have nobody else to blame but ourselves, I mean, the creators do just that, they code it, package it and send it off to one person and then it goes nuts, from one stupid person to the next, like a virtual domino effect of mindless mouse-clicking. I must ask why this is happening; I cannot stress that question enough.

The MSN Block Checker is the best example I personally can think of. Now, any techy that is an MSN/ Live user would know that the lists of who is actually online and who is offline was made virtually inaccessible on the MSN servers due to improved privacy features as far back as when I was starting high school (2003), unless of course if they are online on your contact list, which defeats the purpose entirely; this act of checking who on your contact list has you blocked, which was once possible, is otherwise known as 'block checking'. The MSN Block Checker would simply embed itself into the skeleton of the messenger application and seamlessly (or not so seamless, not too sure) send out brief messages to your contacts (or what I call a virtual sneeze) with a link to a page to download the program which will then turn your computer into a new host. So to those that fell victim to this, look, I’m not too sure about your friends, but none of mine have ever started a conversation with "Hey! Have you tried MSN Block Checker? It's great -" and yet, with that fact in mind, you still continued to visit the site and hit download only to be the next person to be sending out the exact same virtual sneezes that roped you in initially. I must admit though, most unlike others that would just link you to a download file, Block Checker had an actual website (pictured here – I am pretty sure this is the one), small but quite convincing nevertheless, this would explain its success rate, but still no excuse.

Aside from that one in particular, MSN have had many less elaborate yet successful hoaxes of the same manner, same do websites with their aforementioned hoax virus warnings and even search engines that have picked up a site which uses tricky methods in getting you to type in your bank or credit card details and to hit submit; it’s all relative, and all the same it’s ridiculous that people are so easily convinced.

So it would seem that as technology continues to progress that our sound judgment is in slow regress. Evidently now in the year 2009, our common sense, or lack thereof, must now be utilised into web tools that our Microsofts and Googles implement as 'phishing filters'. Suddenly not only has technology’s advancements allowed us to send mail instantly to time zones away or be able to execute a task without any need of assistance, but now it would also seem that it is needed to tell us when an obvious fake is in fact a fake, I mean, come on? Although, these features maybe useful (don’t get me wrong), they are primarily there to prevent those of which cannot differentiate a pop-up advertisement from a program on their computer, and as a consequence, they are the ones who spread Trojans like it’s the sequel of The Black Plague.

Think of it this way, if you received a letter in the regular mail asking you to return it with one hundred dollars for home foundation repairs that they seem to be pretty sure that your home requires and if you don’t, your home will be at risk of collapse, would you send the money?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

People Will Read What They Want to Read

I’m just going to be straight out; I don’t appreciate it when people question the importance of this blog - bottom line is that it’s important to me. Never will I take kindly to those that belittle something that has become an outlet. There are things that I hold close to me and these posts are one of them.

I realise that writing and blogging what I write are two entirely separate things, and I realise that there are alternate methods of expressing the way I feel, but I write regardless and the way I see it is, if one were to write a novel, what good would it be if it didn’t get published? Also, don’t treat me like I am the minority either, some people paint and they post to an art site, others take photographs and they submit to a gallery site, I write and I submit to a weblog. So, to anyone that spends half their day posting brief, worthless shit to, or are so utterly disinterested that they loiter around supermarkets like it’s some daily social gathering hall, when you’ve actually done something significant in your life that at least holds the substance that one of these sentences do, then you can give me a call and say things like “your blog is a waste of time” or “why do you bother?” But until then don’t think you have the right to insult the sentimentality that goes into being as vocal as I am. Things are better said out loud than bottled up.

Another thing: I have often heard the saying that it is impossible to please everyone, but I don't agree, I often discover that some people find it impossible to please themselves. The way I see it is people will read what they want to read, in other words, everyone interprets things differently. In saying that, I honestly love the negativity and enjoy reasonably delivered opposing opinions, but what people need to realise before hopping on their high-horse thinking that they are more than prepared to insult me and state that I’ve said something that I haven’t is that I put a lot of time into making sure that I don’t say something that I wouldn’t be able to defend in the event of a hostile, and that’s where they go wrong. What I am trying to say is, I am open to disagreement, I know that I need to be when stating opinion, but when you are commenting what you need to know is that there is a fine line between disagreeing and misquoting me, and if you don’t realise that then you are going to end up looking like an idiot, just like Anonymous did here.

I hope that I’m understood.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who Wants to Be a Nothing?

Among others, I have objections with the term ‘millionaire’. Since I was little I had heard the word and immediately questioned its accuracy, authenticity and, in the big picture, it’s prestige. More specifically, I would question how one would be awarded such a title; what prerequisites will tell me that I am a millionaire, aside from the obvious one, of course? Is there some union for these guys that give them some sort of million/billion/trillion dollar amount identity in the world of the wealthy? Or is there some database in each government which lists all of its richest residents? I am doubtful.

The dictionary will tell me that a millionaire is a person whose wealth amounts to a million or more in some unit of currency, as dollars, but does that mean that if my wealth amounts to nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars and ninety-five cents that I am no longer a millionaire? Am I any type of -aire at this point? If I were to win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, am I only said millionaire from the time of leaving the studio to the time I sign my name on a form making me the proud new owner of a sports car? That is if a sum hasn’t already been deducted from my winnings for tax purposes, but that’s another topic completely.

The other thing that makes the term ridiculous is the question of who isn’t a millionaire these days. Like in the suburb I live in, the answer would be nobody, but in Hollywood…well, the wealthy would have a population of their own. You see, when we go to the movies, we watch millionaires act, when I listen to music, I am listening to millionaires sing and strum guitars strings, when we buy products from the store, that brand’s chairman is maybe even a billionaire; this whole corporate world is one big -aire breeding ground, I mean, think about how many successful actors, musicians, performers and brand company owners are out there at this very second, and that’s not counting previous ones, and they would all cleanly pass this threshold that tell people to use empty phrasing to glorify the rich.

See, this is the thing I dislike about the term; it’s such a liberally precarious term that has no substance. It’s not an opinion, but it’s not fact either, it’s not even a title, it’s just something people say now, if it held any substantial definition, we would title actors by wealth and not their occupation. The whole concept doesn’t mean anything; 'Billionaire' is not something that you would see on a business card. Aside from the fact that it would mean that you have more money than what a lot of other people do, it really means nothing, and for something that means zip, it is surely used a real lot, and that’s what I don’t understand.