Friday, October 30, 2009

Heavy Drinkers

Random thought:  Since I began working in hospitality and since this country became so obsessed with water due to drought, I have always been curious as to how much water, in litres, is used in my single workplace in one single day? I would imagine that the number would be huge, and for what, to clean dirt off of our dishes, floors and hands? For water that is said to be so scarce, seems pretty petty in comparison. With that in mind, that thought was then followed by the amount of water that would be used by all the several restaurants in the entire suburb such as the one where I work; I mean if one outlet amounts largely, how much would thirty plus amount to? And that’s just Parramatta, how about Sydney City, or just Sydney in general. Then you have to add the households and the rest of it. Makes you think that there has to be some other way, doesn’t it.

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