Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who Wants to Be a Nothing?

Among others, I have objections with the term ‘millionaire’. Since I was little I had heard the word and immediately questioned its accuracy, authenticity and, in the big picture, it’s prestige. More specifically, I would question how one would be awarded such a title; what prerequisites will tell me that I am a millionaire, aside from the obvious one, of course? Is there some union for these guys that give them some sort of million/billion/trillion dollar amount identity in the world of the wealthy? Or is there some database in each government which lists all of its richest residents? I am doubtful.

The dictionary will tell me that a millionaire is a person whose wealth amounts to a million or more in some unit of currency, as dollars, but does that mean that if my wealth amounts to nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars and ninety-five cents that I am no longer a millionaire? Am I any type of -aire at this point? If I were to win on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, am I only said millionaire from the time of leaving the studio to the time I sign my name on a form making me the proud new owner of a sports car? That is if a sum hasn’t already been deducted from my winnings for tax purposes, but that’s another topic completely.

The other thing that makes the term ridiculous is the question of who isn’t a millionaire these days. Like in the suburb I live in, the answer would be nobody, but in Hollywood…well, the wealthy would have a population of their own. You see, when we go to the movies, we watch millionaires act, when I listen to music, I am listening to millionaires sing and strum guitars strings, when we buy products from the store, that brand’s chairman is maybe even a billionaire; this whole corporate world is one big -aire breeding ground, I mean, think about how many successful actors, musicians, performers and brand company owners are out there at this very second, and that’s not counting previous ones, and they would all cleanly pass this threshold that tell people to use empty phrasing to glorify the rich.

See, this is the thing I dislike about the term; it’s such a liberally precarious term that has no substance. It’s not an opinion, but it’s not fact either, it’s not even a title, it’s just something people say now, if it held any substantial definition, we would title actors by wealth and not their occupation. The whole concept doesn’t mean anything; 'Billionaire' is not something that you would see on a business card. Aside from the fact that it would mean that you have more money than what a lot of other people do, it really means nothing, and for something that means zip, it is surely used a real lot, and that’s what I don’t understand.


  1. I was a billionaire for a week during my recent holiday in Thailand... felt great!! :)

  2. A lovely read, I enjoyed it thoroughly :)