Friday, January 29, 2010

The Exploitation of Vulnerability

Lets think: What’s the worst possible thing that could happen after being rescued from beneath the rubble and ruins of what was once your home? I’ll let you cogitate on the question for a moment…now think a little harder, however don’t conclude…now, assuming that you now have an answer, multiply that answer by one thousand.

Have a read:

Child predators target Haitian orphans

BABIES and toddlers were plucked by brutes from the rubble of earthquake-devastated Haiti, The Sun reported today.

Even those praying for sanctuary at field medical centres set were not safe, as aid workers warned child-trafficking gangs were springing up across the shattered capital.

Fifteen children were snatched by men, later found not to be relatives, after being treated.

UN teams raced yesterday to find children being preyed on, as an official warned how the quake chaos was being exploited for evil.

"As well as the health concerns ... we are now concerned unaccompanied children will be exploited by unscrupulous people who may wish to traffic them for adoption, the sex trade or domestic servitude," UNICEF spokesman Kent Page said.

US troops also beefed up security at the docks after reports children were being smuggled out to sea.

Looting, violence in desperation, disease, lack of aid, aftershocks – most of which are things that are likely to have happened again in Haiti by the time you are done reading this – are one thing in themselves, all natural side-effects to starvation and the aftermath of a disaster area with the nature of which Haiti’s situation is, but child-trafficking? Really? This would mean that people are walking in with despair in sight yet without conscience, doing what looks to the casual-observer as rescuing a helpless child but then taking them for personal-gain, only to horribly exploit human fear and further an already horrible catastrophe.

The term ‘catastrophe’, I used that in the last paragraph, also in my previous post, then I was only referring to the initial quake itself, but now it would seem to me like another event of perhaps an even greater wavelength of catastrophic nature is on its way for Haiti, and it deeply upsets me to think that even one human on the same earth that I reside would further devastate families at such a critical time of country-wide vulnerability. The above article, which made me wise to what has ruined my night, states that security has been increased, I just hope that they catch or somehow deter these predators so that it will ease this unnecessary addition of fear for Haitians, I really do; I am so very sympathetic. So to pull the plug on another paragraph that could possibly send a tear down my cheek or my fist to a pillow, the now-new question on every Haitian’s lips is: Would you rather die from the weight of concrete crushing your bones or the weight of forced-prostitution, drug addiction, adoption or forced-servitude? I only ask because no human should have to ask that question.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Just In...

Okay, the title is a tad misleading – Just sharing some of my thoughts on what has been happening around the world for the most part of this month.

Our Roads Battle Zones
A shocking Christmas Holiday road toll is something that Australians could mark on their calendars each year, that’s how predictable it is. In the time frame of about two weeks which is dubbed our ‘holiday season’ (within the overall Christmas Holiday I suppose), seventy people died on Australia’s roads; the highest toll in four years, not that any other time is better with the toll being in the 50s and 60s anyway. Let’s put that figure into perspective, shall we: That would be like being in high school, going on one of our two week breaks, and only half of my grade returning when classes resumed. I think it’s disgusting, and according to news sources, so do our police department.

Any regular onlooker would view our bushfires as an innocent act of nature, however, like most around the world, here in Australia we have these things called ‘arsonists’, they are a bunch of bushland psychotics (however, may or may not be pyromaniacs, contrary to popular belief) that for god knows what reason recreate this annual disaster every single year. This year we had issues with bushfires in Western Australia due to arson, however, last year was our worst dubbed 'Black Saturday', also a victim of arson. Black Saturday killed over three hundred Australians and incinerated acres upon acres of property, and all for what, a cheap thrill? Now I am not a huge fan of capital punishment, but I personally feel that for three hundred innocent human lives, a slow cremation of living arsonists is a fitting punishment.

Whenever these natural foreign catastrophes are being played out on a screen in front of my eyes, I only ever have one thought running through my mind: Man, Australia is such a lucky country. Where we live is really something that must not be taken for granted. No natural disaster that has taken place on our soil has ever come close to the magnitude that has been reached by the earthquakes in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunamis in Indonesia, to name a few. Our land tends to break-even with the earth’s many forces and that’s something that will always keep me residing in a country that lacks the dictation of war and the loss in disaster.

Prince William of Wales
Yeah should’ve stayed in Wales, buddy. For those of you who are unaware, the great balding prince gave Australia a little visit recently. This is the thing, it would seem that in the days leading up to his arrival that people were already going hysterical at the slightest thought of meeting him and I am so lost as to why, much like how lost I was trying to figure out why everyone was so very distraught for the years after the passing of his mother (don’t even get me started on that woman), I just don’t get it, even though my own mother attempts to explain the, in my opinion, impossible personal connection that her and other such mourners around the globe somehow developed with a woman that even Queen Elizabeth had killed (okay, that was just a cheap shot, Ryan!). In all seriousness though, the part that has me lost about the people’s reaction to Prince William, and any other member of our royalty for that matter, is the part where he has done nothing in his life except fall out of his mother’s soon-to-be busy birthing canal, yeah, that’s right, him and the entire royal family are renowned and fallen in love with simply for being born. So my question is, if he isn’t anything but lucky to be born into a family of expensive maces, castles and maids, then why is he treated like he split the atom or something?

Okay, I just needed to point out that I keep forgetting that when they say 'Brangelina' that it refers to Brad and Angelina and that Brangelina is not some country that I have never heard of before that is having some civil war causing them to ‘split’.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Me: Part II

It's a new year, it's beginning a successful one, so I felt that for the very first for the new decade that I would post this. Before Facebook abducted me and wiped any memory of how I ever used MySpace, I crafted two (maybe three, I can't find the other) blurbs regarding who I felt I was and where I thought my head was, one that overwrote the previous, when that refresh took place I posted a blog in it's place to commemorate the self-defining handful of articulation that I soon realised had passed it's time, so since this is the first time I have visited my MySpace page since Bush was still the US President and thus a rewrite being near impossible, simply to stand on ceremony, I felt that I should do the same for this piece:

Ryan William James Quinn
Remember The Name.

Essentially, I adore each and every aspect of my world; my buddies and my family make life worth living; music keeps me listening; my computer keeps me occupied; and chocolate makes me money.

Blue eyes; I get emotional watching romantic comedies and I am a poultrarian; Some have said that I am pessimistic and nostalgic; I love to make people smile and I hate when LOL is used outside the chat room; I don’t consider a hug a hug unless both hands are flat on my back and I can feel my lungs being compressed; I don’t like having a beef with anyone so if I don’t hate you, I probably love you; if I could turn back time, I would go back to when good Adam Sandler films were made and I think that computer graphical design should be a visual art.

Brown hair; you may know me to be a frightfully unhappy person, you may know me to be one of the most awesome people you have ever met, or you may not even know me. I like to think that it’s the second one; because if it’s otherwise you may as well not know me at all.

Fair skin; throw something at me; a stick? A cigarette? An insult? Some people don’t understand, I wasted so much energy on caring what other people think about what I say or how I look that I am exhausted and numb to worthless actions. I’d love nothing more to be friends with everyone but why worry when people don’t wish to be. Chances are my long list of people that have a beef with me will go on growing…let it.

Slim Build; I love words, and the people that have the ability to use them well; novelists; play-writes; song-writers. Anyone that can make someone shiver with what most people are taught at birth are legends in my eyes. Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, Script Writers of shows like Boston Legal and Californication, of films such as, Fight Club and High Fidelity; these people aren’t just writing well, they are brilliant at cutting the shit and writing about reality and any aspect of the world we live in.

177cm; I write lyrics, rap lyrics, because I one day want to make people feel what those rich minded people have made me feel. I want to be on stage rapping about love and hurt, joy and anxiety, the whole lot of it, I want to be able to make people smile and make people scream - It’s a dream.

Know this
If you drive me, I will boil.

If you want me to join you, I disdain.

If I haven’t made you smile, I’ve failed.

If I wanted to play games with you, I would buy an Xbox.

End of Exam.