Friday, January 29, 2010

The Exploitation of Vulnerability

Lets think: What’s the worst possible thing that could happen after being rescued from beneath the rubble and ruins of what was once your home? I’ll let you cogitate on the question for a moment…now think a little harder, however don’t conclude…now, assuming that you now have an answer, multiply that answer by one thousand.

Have a read:

Child predators target Haitian orphans

BABIES and toddlers were plucked by brutes from the rubble of earthquake-devastated Haiti, The Sun reported today.

Even those praying for sanctuary at field medical centres set were not safe, as aid workers warned child-trafficking gangs were springing up across the shattered capital.

Fifteen children were snatched by men, later found not to be relatives, after being treated.

UN teams raced yesterday to find children being preyed on, as an official warned how the quake chaos was being exploited for evil.

"As well as the health concerns ... we are now concerned unaccompanied children will be exploited by unscrupulous people who may wish to traffic them for adoption, the sex trade or domestic servitude," UNICEF spokesman Kent Page said.

US troops also beefed up security at the docks after reports children were being smuggled out to sea.

Looting, violence in desperation, disease, lack of aid, aftershocks – most of which are things that are likely to have happened again in Haiti by the time you are done reading this – are one thing in themselves, all natural side-effects to starvation and the aftermath of a disaster area with the nature of which Haiti’s situation is, but child-trafficking? Really? This would mean that people are walking in with despair in sight yet without conscience, doing what looks to the casual-observer as rescuing a helpless child but then taking them for personal-gain, only to horribly exploit human fear and further an already horrible catastrophe.

The term ‘catastrophe’, I used that in the last paragraph, also in my previous post, then I was only referring to the initial quake itself, but now it would seem to me like another event of perhaps an even greater wavelength of catastrophic nature is on its way for Haiti, and it deeply upsets me to think that even one human on the same earth that I reside would further devastate families at such a critical time of country-wide vulnerability. The above article, which made me wise to what has ruined my night, states that security has been increased, I just hope that they catch or somehow deter these predators so that it will ease this unnecessary addition of fear for Haitians, I really do; I am so very sympathetic. So to pull the plug on another paragraph that could possibly send a tear down my cheek or my fist to a pillow, the now-new question on every Haitian’s lips is: Would you rather die from the weight of concrete crushing your bones or the weight of forced-prostitution, drug addiction, adoption or forced-servitude? I only ask because no human should have to ask that question.


  1. It's not the first time either, hurricane katrina had similar things happening with children that were orphaned. It's mind boggling that "people" still prey on the innocent even in times of horrific human suffering. It's so hard to even begin to comprehend what is going on these predators minds, so deeply saddening that the scum of the earth actually exist

  2. Just goes to show that no matter how 'good' and well intentioned the rest of the world tries to be there's always someone who gets involved for all the wrong reasons.

    It's such a repulsive part of reality (and 'humanity' in general).