Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Just In...

Okay, the title is a tad misleading – Just sharing some of my thoughts on what has been happening around the world for the most part of this month.

Our Roads Battle Zones
A shocking Christmas Holiday road toll is something that Australians could mark on their calendars each year, that’s how predictable it is. In the time frame of about two weeks which is dubbed our ‘holiday season’ (within the overall Christmas Holiday I suppose), seventy people died on Australia’s roads; the highest toll in four years, not that any other time is better with the toll being in the 50s and 60s anyway. Let’s put that figure into perspective, shall we: That would be like being in high school, going on one of our two week breaks, and only half of my grade returning when classes resumed. I think it’s disgusting, and according to news sources, so do our police department.

Any regular onlooker would view our bushfires as an innocent act of nature, however, like most around the world, here in Australia we have these things called ‘arsonists’, they are a bunch of bushland psychotics (however, may or may not be pyromaniacs, contrary to popular belief) that for god knows what reason recreate this annual disaster every single year. This year we had issues with bushfires in Western Australia due to arson, however, last year was our worst dubbed 'Black Saturday', also a victim of arson. Black Saturday killed over three hundred Australians and incinerated acres upon acres of property, and all for what, a cheap thrill? Now I am not a huge fan of capital punishment, but I personally feel that for three hundred innocent human lives, a slow cremation of living arsonists is a fitting punishment.

Whenever these natural foreign catastrophes are being played out on a screen in front of my eyes, I only ever have one thought running through my mind: Man, Australia is such a lucky country. Where we live is really something that must not be taken for granted. No natural disaster that has taken place on our soil has ever come close to the magnitude that has been reached by the earthquakes in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunamis in Indonesia, to name a few. Our land tends to break-even with the earth’s many forces and that’s something that will always keep me residing in a country that lacks the dictation of war and the loss in disaster.

Prince William of Wales
Yeah should’ve stayed in Wales, buddy. For those of you who are unaware, the great balding prince gave Australia a little visit recently. This is the thing, it would seem that in the days leading up to his arrival that people were already going hysterical at the slightest thought of meeting him and I am so lost as to why, much like how lost I was trying to figure out why everyone was so very distraught for the years after the passing of his mother (don’t even get me started on that woman), I just don’t get it, even though my own mother attempts to explain the, in my opinion, impossible personal connection that her and other such mourners around the globe somehow developed with a woman that even Queen Elizabeth had killed (okay, that was just a cheap shot, Ryan!). In all seriousness though, the part that has me lost about the people’s reaction to Prince William, and any other member of our royalty for that matter, is the part where he has done nothing in his life except fall out of his mother’s soon-to-be busy birthing canal, yeah, that’s right, him and the entire royal family are renowned and fallen in love with simply for being born. So my question is, if he isn’t anything but lucky to be born into a family of expensive maces, castles and maids, then why is he treated like he split the atom or something?

Okay, I just needed to point out that I keep forgetting that when they say 'Brangelina' that it refers to Brad and Angelina and that Brangelina is not some country that I have never heard of before that is having some civil war causing them to ‘split’.

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