Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Focal Points of Attraction

When my eyes are open to the female persuasion, apart from the obvious, these eyes are often looking to see two things: casualness and youthfulness.

Without sounding like a potential crime scene, I shall begin with youthfulness. I’ve found that when my eyes are wondering, that my focus can often be broken more frequently by a young teen of any level of attractiveness than it is broken by a good looking older woman. Why? It’s most likely that my subconscious is simply weighing my chances, for example, say I see a business woman, perhaps in her late 20s, great figure, fantastic legs, but let’s be honest, I’m no Mark Wahlberg from ‘Boogie Nights’ here (hint: he had massive…proportion…in a certain area), what chance would I have with an older and probably unavailable woman, however, perhaps a slightly less attractive teenager were to walk by, the probability of an encounter is far more greater on account of her age, therefore, my attraction which is dependent on a successful confrontation is somewhat heightened in comparison to the woman who probably had her multiplication tables down by the time that I was conceived.

Now for the casual; this one is a hard one. I have always had a liking for Tina Fey and Janeane Garofalo, perspectively they are no Paris Hiltons or Carmen Electras, but I have never been the wet-shirted, shirt-skirted kind of guy that has his tongue hanging out of his mouth, salivating over men’s magazines, I am quite the contrary in a sense that I’m after a lady-friend who can put on a t-shirt and some jeans, lightly apply some make up and what have you and still look great, and quickly at that; having said that, of course I would still prefer them to be hygienic nonetheless. Like many things about myself, I’m not too sure why this is so, perhaps I just don’t want to awake next to a mask of make-up on my pillow and a woman that I can hardly resemble from the one that I fell asleep with the previous night. To put it bluntly (and sound like a homosexual), I want my woman to be like a man, by that I mean, low-maintenance, but a female nonetheless. I have also often found myself attracted to those that wear dark eyeliner, that color their hair and blast heavy metal music, those that some might call punk-emo; this, I suspect, is simply due to my predilection for the casual. In my travels through childhood, I have found these girls to be very casual, although they still are very premeditated which is the unfortunate deal-breaker by my own rationale, however when it comes down to face-value, this focal attraction of mine still comes into play.

Here is where attire plays a large part. The aforementioned jeans and t-shirt is an ideal trait in a casual member of the opposite sex (of course, I use ‘jeans and t-shirt’ as a phrase to refer to common casual dress; I am not saying that they are restricted to those two things). Garofalo and Fey are examples of such people; I myself am even a jeans and t-shirt guy. You see, here’s the thing, I have always found formal dress to be in the hit-and-miss category, meaning that the likelihood of a female looking her best in formal attire is a big gamble to me. With school formals still fresh in mind, I remember out of over a hundred girls at each of the formals, only a small handful of them got their outfits right in my opinion and I don’t see those odds something to be dating on. On that note too, some girls evidently have trouble adapting to the occasion too, i.e. a shopping centre is not fitting for some of the stuff I have seen, I mean, I am talking so overdressed that I would be embarrassed to be with them, to be blunt about it, regardless of how good looking they might have been too. So when in the market, I find that someone who is casual and an owner of a wardrobe abundantly populated by denim, I see that as safe ground, I won’t need to worry about being humiliated while doing the groceries, I won’t ever have to worry about what the hell she’s going to where this time; screw that, I mean how wrong can you go with jeans and a t-shirt, really? Think about it, unless she owns a t-shirt with ‘Whore’ printed across her love-puppies, I don’t see me or anybody else running into issues. As well as all that, when the occasion rolls around that actually calls for formal wear, I think that it’s fantastic; I love it. I think that when a casual girl is dressed formally, the impact of the outfit is far greater due to her default attire and even if she gets it wrong, she’ll wear it once or twice in her life so what does it matter? Plus this will show that she can adequately detect when an outfit is appropriate. I personally love chucking on a suit purely because ninety-nine percent of the year people are always seeing me dressed casually...and I won’t lie, the compliments are good too.

So in short, what you have just read basically spells out my trivially-perfect woman: one that essentially is around my age and doesn’t dress like she is going clubbing or to the horse races every single day of her life. Jeans, a t-shirt and a birth-certificate (just kidding about that last one) that’s all I need to see in order to notice an individual female from the midst of them.

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