Friday, March 19, 2010

Blog Therapy

Among my many idiosyncrasies and the scarce amount of insecurities, I tend to get pretty offended when my intelligence comes into question. It isn’t a huge deal, but at those times that for some reason I am feeling inactive, sterile and ‘for lack of a better word: dumb’, I often find myself turning to a blank word document for…well, some blog therapy.

I think what I am getting at is that I have reached the realisation that one of the myriad of reasons I write, especially to a blog, is to prove to myself and, ashamedly, others that I am smarter than I am witless.

This hardly surprises, constant production has always been one of my pleasures. Any large amount of time I spend on fruitless activities such as video games or social-networking, which I love and enjoy doing, can also influence some agitation, especially when I realise that it has achieved nothing but kill precious time I could have spent on finishing off lyrics or creating some hard-data that will prove to me that I am not wasting my life away.

Of course, primarily my songs and blogs only exist because writing has become an outlet that I have a deep-passion for, but both have also inadvertently turned into utilities that help keep me convinced that I still consist of a functional brain, regardless of image.

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