Thursday, May 13, 2010

Like Gold

If having a relationship end and experiencing subsequent loneliness has taught me anything, it’s that every opportunity is precious. An opportunity could mean a life-changing journey and it’s amazing how it’s all up to you if you want to open the door to that road and find out how precious it is. Do you make the opportunity so or do you go on living your, possibly, lonely existence out of sheer convenience?

Anyone that knows me probably is aware of the sixth sense I have for the opposite sex. I love females, as Hank Moody would say ‘I have all their albums’. I merely sense beautiful ones now; I don’t even need to look anymore, like I have some sort of sonar. It’s a gift, really. To the point, there was this girl on the bus today and she was hot, yet conservative; what a combination, right? I spent the entire twenty minute bus ride talking myself into an introduction, opportunely waiting until we were both getting off the bus. So as we approached the last stop, my heart started to pound so intensely that it was probably visible through my shirt, this was where I put on my hypocrite-pants and aborted the whole operation. Yeah, I know, right? Not to brag or anything, but my introductions never usually go down that way, but to my dismay, the task never seems get any easier with practice and that’s why this type of thing still happens from time-to-time. Anyway, in high school, I always preached courage to the guys that have never even considered in their life approaching a little lady of interest. Often on my soapbox, a place I loved being - especially coming from a guy that was never huge with the ladies - I would often paint the word 'rejection' in a much less frightening light as I've always done in my mind before actually going through with speaking to someone for the first time. To the core of that, I would always remind them about my theory on the quality of opportunity and how, for something that can be so consequential, it's a now or never sort of deal. So coming back to today on the bus, hypothetically in the universe where I didn’t momentarily dissect my manhood, just say that I said hey and she liked what she saw or, better yet, I find out that she was thinking the exact same thing that I was thinking, in that universe, I might just have thrown away my potential wife for all I know, but I won’t know will never know, simply because I didn’t take action. Are you seeing my point on how precious these babies are?

With that in mind, and a pair of testicles in pants, I am able to summon the will to walk up to any girl in Sydney, I know because I’ve had relationships start on a single greeting. You see, here’s the thing: if she/he is interested, sure, I’ve gained a date and nice work, Ryan!, but if I get rejected, which has been the wretched conquistador of my many pursuits, I’ve not lost but gained the peace of mind in that the opportunity that has now passed was, unfortunately, not so precious, and where am I other than back at square one where I initially started. My point is: Don’t take your opportunities for granted; that shit is gold.
 This had to be rewritten - 20/5/10

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