Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Morale in the Flesh Business

Not the most pleasant of subjects but today I was thinking about the morale in the porno industry. I couldn’t imagine a hooker being at all happy with their life, but are porn stars happy people? And if they are, is the happiness dependent of their gender, like is one happier than the other? What about the crew, are they pleased with themselves or disgusted? How about those who deal with fetishes like scatophilia? Although the quality of acting is always nil, ignoring the obvious - you have to ask, is the joy in any of it just an act?

I know that I might just be the first guy to actually analyse the life of a porno-actor, but I’ve just always had a curiosity into the segment of their lives that, amazingly, has managed to stay private, the things that go on behind the closed doors when the camera isn’t rolling. For this reason, I’ve always wondered if Boogie Nights was a statement about the industry (at the least, in the context of the era that it was set) or if it was just an excuse to see Heather Graham without a shirt on. It could go either way, really. It’s been said that the film was based on real porn actors, but who knows to what extent that it influenced the story, I mean, we all know what Hollywood’s like, but, just the same as in that film and the time it depicted, does drug abuse and porn-production go hand-in-hand, especially in terms of today?

Another take would be on their home life. Can someone who enjoys, or at least pretends to enjoy, the pleasures of the flesh on screen function normally within society? Psychologically, can they pursue relationships or are they just so numbed of emotional intimacy that they no longer know what it means to make love with someone or even hold down a relationship? On that note, are the males even interested in sex anymore, or does that whole animalistic attraction that is embroidered into our DNA just disappear after twenty or so films? And that’s just during. Is the industry something you can just walk away from and live like Jan Brady? Or is it like a bad car accident that emotionally, and perhaps even physically, cripples you for life, especially if it was a long career? Someone like Sharon Mitchell is a good example of someone who could probably answer that type of question. Maybe it just comes down to the type of person who would pursue this type of career, which unfortunately would make a lot of what I just said redundant, but as per usual my curiosity gets the better of me.

So, with all these queries in mind, finally it comes down to my initial question of morale. At the core of it all, the larger question is what the initial intentions were: to make money or sex? Is it male actors because hey, unlimited sex, or is it women who’s high morale is perhaps driven by their more than adequate and substantially larger pay check at the end of the day? It’s possibly males, but I still hold a hint of doubt because no matter whom you are, there’s always such a thing as ‘too much’, but what do I know; only the actors know what it’s like to have as much sex as they do unless you’re Paul Stanley or something.

Like I said, only those involved could accurately quench my curiosity and answer all of this. I personally conceive pornography to be a more commercialised, and therefore, a tad cleaner version of prostitution with a different spin, but that answers nothing in terms of morale. If I were going to condense all of these questions down into one question in a serious attempt to find answers, it would be about where the line gets drawn between pornography and prostitution, and how significantly those two worlds differ as a result; I feel that would be the ultimate question that could answer most, if not all, of these curiosities.

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  1. I feel like I've seen tonnes of interviews with porn stars lol :S "exposing" what they really feel and how they run their day to day lives.
    I guess just on shows like Tyra Banks or Oprah..stuf like that.
    I'm sure you could find them online.

    Generally they say they're happy and love it but that it's totally different from normal sex because in the adult film industry that have to keep stopping and starting to film from different angles and u know..having a whole crew around u makes it loose any spec of intimacy and privacy. I think I only watched one interview with a porn star who regretted it.